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Texas SRT8 09-29-2012 12:44 PM

1/8 Mile Drag Racing GO PRO Videos
Local racetrack had 1/8 mile drag racing tonight. Unprepped track and arm drops (no timing system). Finally had the opportunity to really test my NT05s and I'm very pleased with the results! No more tire spin. :D Hopefully I can get a 1.7 60 foot at a real track. Anyways, onto the videos. Race ends at the cones.

C6 Corvette:

Motorcycle (don't know specific model):

Mustang GT:

Pontiac G8 GT:

C6 Corvette Z06 (Round 1):

C6 Corvette Z06 (Round 2):

C6 Corvette Z06 (Round 3):

Scottina06 09-29-2012 04:31 PM

Cool vids! That orange z06 would get ya in the quarter

Duff Daddy 09-29-2012 07:16 PM

Re: 1/8 Mile Drag Racing GO PRO Videos
Nice, do you have any slips with times to look at your 60' and 330' ?

soontobesrt 10-19-2012 07:23 PM

Re: 1/8 Mile Drag Racing GO PRO Videos
nice runs! What mods did you do besides the obvious exhuast haha

jim383 12-21-2015 12:27 PM

Re: 1/8 Mile Drag Racing GO PRO Videos
If you want 1.70s 60' you will need a cai and tune. If you are still running a stock tune you will need to pull the air filter and use unleaded vp109 race gas and do a 50/50 mix with your 91 or 93 gas. Lets say 2.5 gal of your highest octane you use with 2.5 gal of the race gas. Here in ca a bone stock 2012 jeep running bone stock will run the 1/8 mile in 8.7/8.8 with a 60' in the hi 1.80s. With the gas mix of vp109 and 91 my 2012 bone stock jeep in the 1/8 runs 8.20s and 1.74 to 1.77 60' on oem stock tires.

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