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pmessling 10-14-2012 10:30 AM

Rad replacement
Afternoon all, well in the UK any way.

Replaced my radiator today, problem started with water in my passengers foot well, seeing this and the coolant chime coming on i thought, not the heater matrix again, having replaced it less than six months again having had the original re-cored.

Any way ,removed all the dash, took about 2 hours, last time i done it, it took 2 days, so great improvement, removed the heater unit, very annoyed having only had the air con re gassed when i replaced the core the last time, and at 75 a go isn't cheap.

no obvious signs the matrix was leaking so connected it back up to the heater pipes and pressure tested the whole system with a pressure tester, couldn't even get the pressure to build as found my rad was leaking.

So more money but not too bad at only 126, peanuts compared to the racing rad i just brought for my TVR. which was 5 times the amount of the jeeps.

Got the old rad out in about 45mins which i thought was great, not even rushing. amazing what a bit of research can do.

found the panel under the rad very rusty, no chance of a clean up and paint, so decided to make another at work.

took me about two hours with a plasma cutter and grinder to make a new one.

You can see the state of the old one

New all painted

Fitted all back together today, new panel fitted like a dream, saved getting ripped off from Jeep, parts here in the UK are very expensive, even for silly small plastic items

Took the opportunity to polish the headlights too, just need finishing off as its easier on the car

Pressure tested the system again after filling up with just water for now, and all seems good, its loosing a bit of pressure but no water from either the new rad or matrix, the only other place i can see the water coming from is that it has been raining a lot this month, so wondering it it has overwhelmed under the scuttle panel and come in the car, its the only explanation i have at the moment.

Dash in tomorrow and start the car up and check again for leaks.

StoneCold 10-14-2012 01:44 PM

Re: Rad replacement
Wow that's some amount of work there mate! :eek: props to you:thumbsup:

stashgto 10-14-2012 03:03 PM

Re: Rad replacement
nice craftsmanship it's good to see nowadays, and I've had the pleasure of doing a few of those cores they're not one of my favorites. One came back leaking with a defective core the next day I was not happy. LOL

pmessling 10-15-2012 01:14 PM

Re: Rad replacement
Well nearly all back together, finish off tomorrow, not going to put all the glove box back so i can double check on the area.

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