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Frango100 10-14-2012 03:29 PM

4.7 oil pan
Thinking in doing a simple task today by removing the oil pan on the 4.7, it ended up not to be that simple. After removing all the bolts, started to pry the pan loose from the seal, but it seems to be glued with some super glue. The pan deforms, but it doesnīt come loose. The seal plate seems to be attached to the engine and should come loose from the pan. Anyone had the same problem and how was it solved? Donīt want to end up with a destroyed pan.

cheapjeep 10-14-2012 07:47 PM

Re: 4.7 oil pan
Hey buddy you have to separate the gasket from the pan no matter what. Once you get the pan off then you have access to the three bolts that remove the pickup and windage tray/gasket from the block.Only other option is to cut off the sump to gain access to the bolts and remove pan and gasket together.

Frango100 10-15-2012 10:41 AM

Re: 4.7 oil pan
Did you remove the pan without any problems? Even the tranny pan, which has the RTV on it, was a breeze to remove, but the engine pan only comes loose at the point where the screwdriver is inserted. I probably have to loosen it that way, bit by bit, and use RTV during the installation. Best would be a new gasket, but donīt want to wait another 6 weeks for that to arrive.

cheapjeep 10-15-2012 06:44 PM

Re: 4.7 oil pan
I had my local shop do mine buddy because I didn't want to deal with the y pipe but I've heard plenty of stories about what a bitch it is to separate the pan from the gasket.

Frango100 10-24-2012 09:16 PM

Re: 4.7 oil pan
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So after a lot of work, milimeter per milimeter, i made it to remove the pan from the gasket. What a b*tch was that. Seemed to be glued, but it was probably just sticking. Only the gasket was in a bad shape due to all the prying and at several parts the gasket rubber was loose or even gone and the metal frame somewhat bend. I was thinking in using RTV to seal it of well, but while trying to get all bolts back in, i was just unable to get the last 3 in. Spend hours on it and used all kind of bad words (even some i never heard before :eek::D), but then decided that it was not usefull to continue, because the RTV was probably already too dry to make a good sealing afterwards. Called it the day and was also completely broken, after many hours under the jeep on the garage floor. Decided to order a new gasket, since the old one was in fact in a too bad shape to continue in service.
At least all this work was not completely for nothing. After removing the pan and the pick-up tube, who where not looking that bad and also the screen, which was the main reason for removing the pan, was not dirty at all. At least the part of it which was visible. Only during the cleaning and the drying with shop air, a big piece of plastic came suddenly out of the screen housing. No idea where it originally came from, but it was for maybe 20% blocking the screen area. So at least that can not do any harm anymore.
I now only have to wait another 4 weeks or so for the new pan gasket to arrive :mad:.
The picture shows the plastic which was inside the screen housing.

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