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Brn97CitronWran 10-15-2012 11:33 AM

97 TJ - Intermittent Shutoff
I have a 97 Tj with the 2.5l motor. On Friday (10/12) I left to take my fiance to work, I got about 3 blocks down the road and the Jeep just shuts off. I called my friend to come and pick us up and take us home. My brother went to look at the jeep at lunchtime on Friday and it fired up, but then about 2 blocks later, shut off again. He managed to get it restarted and dropped it off at my work. I leave work 4 hours later and it started fine, got 1 block down the street and it shut off again. Managed to get it restarted and drove it to the bank to drop off a deposit for work and drove it home without any issues. About an hour later, I went to take it for dinner and got 1 block down the street and it shut off again. Now I"m so ticked off at it.
So I got it back to the house. WE put the key in the "ON" position and listened for the fuel pump, had no noise so we bought the fuel pump and both the filters in the tank and replaced them. Put everything back together and went for a test ride and got about 1/4 mile down the road and it shut off again. So we got it back to the house. Hooked up a gas pressure tester and it had 43psi of pressure which is ok according to the book. I have no check engine light and when we hooked up our OBD2 reader, there are no codes reading on that either.
Can anyone plese help me. I have a competition this weekend and I really need to get this thing fixed. 97

spyder873 10-15-2012 07:06 PM

Re: 97 TJ - Intermittent Shutoff
Have you check all you electrical contacts ( battery , alt . etc.) .

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