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dcmski 10-15-2012 01:42 PM

My towing experience (Hemi and 6k lb trailer)
I used the mighty JGC to tow a 19' enclosed trailer from CA to WA, a total of 1,115 miles. There were a few mountains to cross (3k feet or more) and plenty of up hillls to work the Hemi. I did one tank on board computer vs manual calculation for mpg and they were close enough that I only used the EVIC after that.

Set up:
2010 WK 5.7 Hemi
Tow Package IV
87 octane
daily temps around 65-70 degrees F
tow haul mode
target speed 60-65 mph
19' enclosed trailer (estimated 6-6.5k lbs loaded, unknown tongue weight)
EAZ-lift 800lb weight distribution hitch w/sway control
Hayes brake controller

I got around 7.5 mpg the first day which was mostly flat. I suspect I had a head wind as she did not go into 5th gear much at my target speed of 60-65. The second day I got better mpg and ended up at 8.7 overall. (both days combined) I was able to ride in 5th most of the 2nd day at my target speed and got better mpg. (and I did most of the hills the second day)

Tow/haul mode was on pretty much the whole time. I turned it off if I was going down a long hill that wasn't too steep to allow the gas saver mode to come on and let the trans drop a few hundred rpm. It did stay on for steep hills tho since a nice feature of tow/haul I noticed was it downshifts the trans if ya get too much of a head of steam rolling down a big hill.

I was very pleased overall with the JGC's ability to tow that load. The Hemi is plenty capable and did not want for torque or power. The weight of the load vs the vehicle is starting to be something, but it had pretty good manners with the WD hitch. I towed it around 30 miles w/o the WD hitch before deciding to spring for the upgraded hitch. Money well spent!!

The trans fluid is still a good color after the trip, but I could smell the trans heat every time I stopped. The engine temp was solid and barely moved over normal operating temp on a steep up hill.

NHWK05 10-23-2012 06:09 PM

Re: My towing experience (Hemi and 6k lb trailer)
Great review! Any pics of the trailer you pulled?

Madanio24 10-23-2012 09:03 PM

Re: My towing experience (Hemi and 6k lb trailer)
wow! that trailer sounds like a monster!

dcmski 10-24-2012 11:19 AM

Re: My towing experience (Hemi and 6k lb trailer)

Originally Posted by NHWK05 (Post 701560)
Great review! Any pics of the trailer you pulled?

No pics now, but I'll be pulling it again in a month or so. I'll grab a few pics then.
Might also stop and have the trailer and tongue weighed at that time. Based on a few pics of others towing in the 6k range, my rear end was noticeably lower (even with the WD hitch) so mine might be closer to the 7k lb range or have a really high tongue weight.

astronblader 09-01-2014 01:00 PM

Re: My towing experience (Hemi and 6k lb trailer)
Trans temp is reported via the OBDII port. Get a wifi or bluetooth adapter ($50 and up, cheapies mostly don't work) and the Android Torque app. You iDrones are on your own for a good OBDII app. You can monitor a lot of stuff with Torque. Get the Pro version, its only a few bucks and well worth it.

Yes, I know its an old thread.

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