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fwdjeep 10-15-2012 03:56 PM

NO Customer Service
Is it a rip off or just good business sense?

Buying a new car is an emotional event. Have I done sufficient research, have I covered all bases, is this the right vehicle to suite my needs, will it break down, and more importantly will the dealer try to avoid the warranty, if it does. Will it be fit for purpose when I get possession of the vehicle. What other item do you buy that you do not see before you hand over the money – the one that they supply to me may have been damaged in transit and they will never tell you.

Also you have to face the combative nature of simply going into to check out the car in person and doing a test drive and then trying to get the best deal for you. We all face the salesman telling you that he /she is here to serve your best interests and how he/she goes off to get a better deal with the manager – that phantom person hiding in the back room somewhere.
The whole experience leaves one wondering “why the hell did I bother buying a new car.” An experience that should be a good one is more than likely turned into a nightmare.But it gets worse when you start to talk to the dealer / salesman as to some accessories. Dash Mat, Floor Mats, tow bar just to name a few.
You are paying in some cases a substantial amount of money for this new car and when you ask for some consideration for a few accessories at the time of purchase you are meet with not only full retail price but in my opinion above retail price as in most cases one can purchase these items elsewhere of the same quality cheaper.

The dealers seem to take advantage of the buyer at the time of purchase, because they are excited about the purchase and want to do the right thing with their new vehicle. Customer Service is just words for most dealers, simple fact – they don’t mean it and don’t demonstrate it. They don’t offer any form of discount to you at the time of purchase for accessories they seem to add profit on it at this time.

Example of a getting a tow bar fitted to your new vehicle at time of purchase – recently I brought a new car and the dealer quoted what I considered to be a very premmie price. I was aware that I could have got an aftermarket tow bar and fitting for some $300.00 + cheaper but decided to go for the genuine fitment at time of purchase. Of course the sales man attempts to make out the genuine bar is somehow a better produce and the non- genuine would not be covered by warranty. In many cases the firms that make the non-genuine bar also makes the so called Genuine bar for the manufactures. But when you get the car you then find that the dealer has simply called in the same aftermarket tow bar fitment specialists to come in a fit a non –genuine bar themselves. Thus maximising their profits.

The dealers split their business into Sales, Spare parts and Service. Each of these departments want to maximum their profits – and will not attempt to help each other and the buyer of a new vehicle with a package deal. This is not customer service and does not enhance the buying experience. In fact it makes the experience very disappointing and many of will simply not complain but never go back to that dealer for their next car. Time for the car industry to wake up and smell the roses.

If the manufactures provided the ability for us to buy on line without ever talking to a dealer I would be a happy customer.

Customer service – I ordered and paid for a Jeep GC Limited back in May – and to date the dealer has no idea and can give me no information as to delivery date – I provided to him the date and time the boat delivered the car to Australia. But the dealer still fails to provide any information - why would I ever buy another jeep?:mad:

fwdjeep 10-24-2012 04:07 PM

Re: NO Customer Service
finaly have the vehicle
delivery was good and salesman very good - if only Jeep Australia would only keep them better informed.

Love the vehicle.

Still have the issue with the price of Mopar assessorties - i can buy most mopar items cheaper from another dealer interstate then i can from my dealer.

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