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chicagohotness 10-21-2012 01:28 PM

Radio on, no sound. Anyone??
To start, yes, i have used your forums searched. I have been trolling this site (among many) looking for an answer. Ive been to Jeep, Best Buy, and a 3rd party installer. (my apology if ive posted in the wrong spot and please redirect me, as i am new to the forum)

Now thats out of the way, heres my question. I have a 2007 SRT8 with the Boston Premuim sound pkg. Ive got 2 different wireing harnesses, 1 from best buy and 1 from a 3rd party. I have expreiance with electronics and know what im doing as far installs go, no experiance with Jeeps however.

Jeep wouldnt touch it. I guess they only work on "factory" equipment.

I wired everthing up using the 3rd party harness and the head unit came on, no sound. Went to best buy and was told i needed the harness for the Boston Acoustic. So i got the 2nd harness, wired it up, powered on fine, no sound.

I wired everything correctly, as was confirmed by my 3rd party electronics installer. (I gave up and took it in). 3rd party said to go home and try putting the stock head unit back in to check for sound as they couldnt find anything wrong. So i did and guess what, no sound.

Ive checked fuses, none of which are labeled specifically for the amp or radio, but all looked fine. Now i have no sound, neither with the stock head unit or the aftermarket one. IS THERE A SAFE MODE SETTING??

It seems that ive found so many threads of people with the exact same problem but no one posting the solution.

I seem to remember back, when i first connected the aftermarket radio, the car "dinging" as soon as i the harnesses made contact. Could this be part of the safe mode thing i mentioned earlier?

I have a Kenwood DNX series double din, FYI.

(Also, no, there is no water damage and yes, the blue and white wire have been tried in every combination.)

mrmotoguzzi00 12-02-2012 01:20 PM

Re: Radio on, no sound. Anyone??
did you ever get any replies ? ever get it fixed...

Having very similar issue.....

06 limited hemi, took out the stock am/fm/cd radio and installed a factory am/fm/cd/nav unit. worked fine....

was gonna sell the jeep so put the stock unit back in a month ago.. worked fine..

decided not to sell the jeep, and put the nav unit back in....

no sound....

i heard the bong as well...

put the stock one back in get the bong but no sound...

sounds i need to reset something perhaps... but darned if i can find it..

soontobesrt 12-06-2012 10:45 AM

Re: Radio on, no sound. Anyone??
no sound you say? Well I guess the best thing you can do is go through the entire system step by step when you get a weekend and check all connections. From there if you cannot find it, I would have H/U, amp checked out to see if they are faulty. You should play something and see if your drivers move at all, does the woofer move in and out slighty, can you hear any noise whatsoever, even light ringing? Does the amp actually POWER ON? (is the light on) - check other light son amp, some have overload light that will illuminate indicating a problem.

If you're into audio and you have or know someone who has an oscope, you could easily check out your amp to see what it is doing with a source plugged into it. System is simple really. Your h/u powers on, rca to the amp for signal, speaker wires to speakers, song plays and you hear sound. You said hu powers on, so my guess is its an amp issue but you could bypass that amp to check running speakers of your preouts (assuming w/e H/U you have has some) Try that and see. All about eliminating things to isolate problem.

But to me if its not the amp, it sounds like its likely something with your H/U ans harness though, those are culprit most of the time. If you dont have exact harness (sometimes one for aftermarket amp bypass) you could encounter issues. Thats common among owners. Check to see if you had factory boston system and report back.

Im kinda surprised your audio guy couldn't figure it out. And FWIW BestBUy is crap, dont bother with them for anything audio related. From experience when I was younger and having friends who knew little about audio and chose BB, their knowledge and install ability/skill is below par.

G/L w/ the fix, you'll get it sorted sooner or later, no worries.

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