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bicdaddy 10-31-2012 04:47 AM

So I just adopted my wife's 02' WJ limited
I've been working on it for the past two years replacing worn parts bit by bit. She recently got a job that requires her to travel more than I do, so she's going to be driving my Optima turbo, and I get the 11 year old jeep. Anyway, the things in great shape, but there are a few issues I'm still trying to get through to consider this thing reliable.

First there's a squeak... you know like a worn bearing. Anyway, I've replaced 3 of 4 wheel bearings, and the front driveshaft U joint... and it's still there. I'll be replacing the fourth bearing in a week or so when it's delivered. If that's not it, I'm going to guess it's a rear U joint. It's just hard to listen to the noise while driving to pin point it.

Second - the left turn blinker will sometimes just stop working. It doesn't stay that way too long, but it's dangerous and annoying. (any ideas here would be great)

Third - changed the tranny fluid at 130k (guessing it's the only time so far), and now it slips from 1-2nd when turning and accelerating.

Forth - Drivers side heated seat doesn't work... I've googled this and come up with many hits on it so hopefully I can dig into it a bit more soon (before winter if I can help it).

And my last issue is a bad airbag sensor... I'm hoping it won't be too expensive to fix.

The next few things I'll be doing (other than these repairs) is replacing the dated head unit (factory nav w/ infinity amp), and probably plasti dipping the wheels and grill.

Any input on my issues would be greatly appreciated!


01grand 10-31-2012 09:37 AM

Re: So I just adopted my wife's 02' WJ limited
Sounds like an 11 year old vehicle, I'm having some similar problems on my 2001. Let me know if you figure out that bearing squeak, I'm having a similar thing on mine, I tried putting it on jacks and having a friend spin the tire, but it wouldn't squeak. Must be because its not loaded like it is on the ground.

Did you change out the tranny fluid? If so did you replace the filters and make sure that the gasket was installed in the inlet and not on the end of the filter? (I'm assuming since you say its a limited that you have the V8 with 45rfe transmission). Also, was the fluid fairly clean or was there some dark or metallic particles in the old fluid?

For the left blinker, I would start checking wiring. If its intermittent like that I would tend to think there is a damaged wire somewhere.

If you search the forum for heated seat problems you should be able to find some pointers on figuring out what the problem is there.

Good luck with everything! :thumbsup: gotta love trying to keep up an 11 year old vehicle.

Trav1s 10-31-2012 04:22 PM

Re: So I just adopted my wife's 02' WJ limited

01grand (aka Aaron) gave you some great suggestions. I would also suggest a simple bulb change if the bulb in question as a metal base. If there is poor contact a bulb can work intermittently.

As for the wheel bearing issue, I have not dealt with that on my WJ.

Transmission - Did you use the correct fluid and a Mopar filter? If you do have the 4.7/45rfe then that is a must. My dad owns a small town service station and they use nothing but Mopar filters (there are two in the pan of the 45rfe).

The head unit is an easy swap. Get the harness adapter and antenna adapter to make it a simple plug-n-play swap. I just did this with my WJ this morning. Between the radio installation kit, wiring harness and antenna adapter I have $20 in it.

BTW-- I have an extra antenna adapter since I accidentally ordered two. It is not worth trying to return it. Let me know if you are interested.

TJXJWJ 10-31-2012 08:05 PM

Re: So I just adopted my wife's 02' WJ limited
Put that stock radio up for sale on the forum here when you're done with it...believe it or not, people are always looking for the OEM nav unit.

That heated seat issue might not be so bad. A lot of times an element just breaks from being flexed over and over from it being sat on. Another option (if you haven't already) is have your dealer run the VIN. They might replace them for free since the originals were recalled. They won't get as hot as the originals from what I hear, but the dealer will replace both for free if yours haven't been replaced yet under the recall.

bicdaddy 10-31-2012 09:21 PM

Re: So I just adopted my wife's 02' WJ limited
Thanks for the replies gents! The heated seat maybe a bit more than just an element... I've checked the fuse box, but the reason I'm saying it's more is because the 12v acc right below the rocker switch doesn't work either... maybe I need to check my fuses again.

Transmission: I did use the proper fluid for the tranny, and I was careful with the new filter (I believe the gasket and o-ring are installed correctly). I have the 4.0 (not sure what the model of the tranny is) with 135k on the drivetrain.

I have another question... the transfer case fluid, to my knowledge, has never been changed. I did go to the jeep dealer and bought the right fluid, but I'm hesitating on the fluid change because I'm afraid I may develop a seal leak afterwards.

01grand 11-01-2012 08:38 AM

Re: So I just adopted my wife's 02' WJ limited
Ok, if you have the 4.0L engine you have the 42re tranny, which is a totally different beast than the V8 tranny. There is only one filter there and no special instructions on installation that I know of. As long as you used ATF+4 you are in good shape there.

As for the transfer case, I'm not sure which one you have but they are all similar on drain and refill. Start by pulling the fill plug (trust me on doing this first, it sucks to drain it then find out the fill plug is frozen in place). Then pull the drain, then close her up and fill it back up. Maybe flush a little fresh fluid through while its draining to make sure you get the old stuff out. Then fill it up and you are good to go! I've never had or heard of a problem with fresh fluid causing a seal leak in the transfer case.

Good luck chasing the electrical gremlin, those kind of problems are by far my least favorite to try and figure out.

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