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AKHLK 11-01-2012 11:45 AM

Rear Camera Cold Weather Problem
Now that it's gotten pretty cold I've noticed that when I start my GC and put it in reverse the backup camera isn't working, I just get a blank screen. After it warms up for about 5 minutes or so it starts working again. It's 18 degrees here in Anchorage this morning and is going to get much colder as winter progresses . The dealer already replaced the camera part and that didn't solve the problem. Has this happened to anyone else?

Aiyer 11-01-2012 11:58 AM

Re: Rear Camera Cold Weather Problem
I have noticed that recently on my Jeep. But it was warm yesterday, about 73 F here. I put it in reverse and it takes few seconds (maybe 5?) to show up. But, this morning (it was cooler than yesterday afternoon), the rear view display was instantaneous. Maybe the system needs a reboot. :)

RKlimas 11-01-2012 12:46 PM

Re: Rear Camera Cold Weather Problem
My camera stopped working right after I purchased it earlier this year. It turned out to be a problem with the ground wire in the plastic connector between the wires from the radio and the wires from the camera. Have them check that out. It is located in the rear hatch.

moontz 11-25-2012 08:35 PM

Re: Rear Camera Cold Weather Problem
Same issue here. Never thought about the cold being a possible cause but my experience is similar to yours. Prob have them check it in the coming weeks.

padgett 11-25-2012 09:14 PM

Re: Rear Camera Cold Weather Problem
My main concern is the impacts from closing the hatch, display is what is usually affected by cold. Think it got down to 40f once so far but rarely goes below freezing here.

AKHLK 11-25-2012 11:04 PM

I only have problems when it's below freezing, otherwise the camera works perfectly. When the interior of the vehicle is cold, I either get a black and white blurry sort of static or more often, just a black screen with "check entire surroundings" at the top. Once the vehicle interior is warm, the camera works fine. The dealer is going to replace the head unit next, since replacing the camera itself didn't work. They claim that no one else has complained of this problem.

AKHLK 01-11-2013 03:16 PM

Update: the dealer replaced the head unit and the camera is working perfectly now. As a plus, the new head unit came with updated firmware and newest nav software, so I don't have to worry about that now either.

Also, I accidentally left a music cd that I had burned in the cd player and it was in the old head unit when they removed it. The old head unit was packed up and sent back to Chrysler for engineers to evaluate. I realized later that I'd left it in there and figured they'd just toss it, didn't bother me, I figured I'll just make another one. I got a call a few days ago from the dealer, Chrysler found the cd and sent it back to them for me to swing by and pick up! It's nothing valuable or important to me but it impresses me that they went through the trouble to send it back.

computerwiz621 01-11-2013 06:52 PM

Re: Rear Camera Cold Weather Problem
I'm having the exact same problem. I think I have narrowed it down to the cold. Today was warmer and had no issues, but it seems when it gets cold out, it does not always work.

Trying to explain this to the dealer is going to be fun.

AKHLK 01-11-2013 09:19 PM

When I told the dealer about it they didn't give me any trouble. They did say that they hadn't heard of that problem before but had no issues digging in and getting it fixed. I don't know if they were even able to duplicate the error, or just took my word for it, but I did have videos and photos to show them if they wanted.

Also, I just found out that it wasn't Chrysler that returned the cd. The radio was returned to the factory "United Radio" in N.Y. and they returned it.

Totenkopf75 04-10-2017 07:28 PM

Re: Rear Camera Cold Weather Problem
I see this is an old thread but any response would be appreciated.
Bought a 2011 grand Cherokee in December. Wren in yeah so it's been cold. Well in January we had a few warm days and the backup camera didn't work one day, just black screen. It worked the next morning and worked for the most part until it warmed up again.then wit working for a few days. We returned to cold weather and it worked until late February then hasn't worked for 2 weeks. This weekend a child front it and it was 30 degrees, camera worked until this afternoon when it hit 60 degrees.
I was having a recall done today and had the dealership check the camera. It worked and ask connections were good,voltage good, but when they were finished it was a black screen and they retested the voltage and said it was good. They said it must need a new camera and is not covered by the warranty.

I'm curious now reading this thread if it could be the head unit. Wouldn't this be covered under the warranty dive nab system is? How to price it's the head unit or not? I'm pretty sure they think I'm smoking something but the thing works perfect the cost it gets and had only not worked when the temp is above 50.

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