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Hellipilot 11-01-2012 06:07 PM

2012 JGC New Front Recovery System
Hi all,

Well I thought I would first of all start a new thread as the Sand/Fail thread:
# Is a little flogged however still has its place.
# This is a little more, hopefully towards a successfull solution for us that have the 2012 J.G.C who have to use the Jeep aftermarket Recovery hook.

I too have the 2012 JGC Overland with the known disadvantage to the front recovery hooks. For me persoanally the Jeep solution although ok is, not in the end, for me. Too many other factors to consider when used:ei damage to my vehicle's front bumper when towed out or towing someone else as anything can happen in those situations. So if I can avoid it their solution, I will.

At this time I am in conversations with a U.S counterpart who has dealt with the Rocky Road Outfitters for his front winch on his 2012 J.G.C.
I have been in touch with R.R.O re this and the fact that 2012 Australian J.G.C have a shortened front chasis and no factory front recovery hooks as these are an integral part of supporting the winch plate from R.R.O.

My thoughts are to at least get the front winch plate and mount recovery hooks from it/maybe a winch.

At this time I am a one armed bandit after an operation on my right arm and shoulder so getting photos to R.R.O is not possible for me until after Christmas.

The photos they require are chasis shots with bumpers off, any holes, any measurements of the chasis from known points like the crossmember under radiator etc.

So if anyone has any photos from their recovery hook builds, or anything with the front bumper off their 2012 J.G.C please feel free to email them to me so I can pass these on. If anyone in the future sees themselves putting their own recovery hook in would you mind taking some photos with a measuring tape next to the chasis. All this helps.

P.M me for my email address. This is to stop spammers, tis all.

Yours in helping us all

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