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JMLoughrey 11-04-2012 08:43 AM

2007 WK - Locking issue
So, when i purchased my jeep a little over a year ago they did all sorts of work to it. Its currently created a new problem that i'm somewhat stumped over.

The vehicle will lock itself, randomly, no rhyme or reason, i'll get in, drive, the jeep with lock itself with the auto locks like i have it set to and then a minute or two later it will lock itself again, and again, and again, my record is 11 times in a row then it will stop. Sometimes it wont do it for a day or two, other times it'll do it every single time i get in or out of the car.

The car doesnt need to be on either, i leave my vehicle unlocked in my driveway or garage, i'll come out a few minutes later and it will have locked itself again.

Anyone have any ideas on what the cause could be, with the locking sytem being canbus based there isnt all the much i can do to test.

The only strange thing i have noticed it my passenger lock switch. You dont have to push the lock button to lock it like all the other buttons. You can just barely touch it with your finger and it will lock the vehicle.

dr.lee.baugh 11-04-2012 11:38 AM

Re: 2007 WK - Locking issue
I would try disconnecting the passenger side panel and see if it stops.

If the switch is failing, it could be randomly making contact and engaging the locks. Certainly worth a try.

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