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cmk74 11-04-2012 12:50 PM

Annoying Squeak
I have an annoying squeak coming from somewhere in and around the sunroof. I took it to the dealer on Friday and they said it was fixed but no. Now the squeak is just as bad and now my headliner has fingerprints on it. I'm more irritated now than before I had them look at it. Anyone else have this squeak? This noise drives me crazy! Any suggestions? I am taking it back to the dealer tomorrow and telling them I don't want it back until it's fixed and now they need to have the headliner cleaned or replaced.

Milous 11-04-2012 04:14 PM

Re: Annoying Squeak
Check the dual lock fasteners - if a fastener is not engaged between the headliner and the sunroof module a buzz, squeak, or rattle may be present around the sunroof opening of the headliner.

If any location is not secured press up until the pieces of dual lock are locked together. (Gently pull down on headliner near sunroof opening to check for engagement of dual lock fasteners.)

There are 5 dual lock fasteners on the standard sunroof and 14 fasteners on the dual pane sunroof.



mlarco52 11-04-2012 05:34 PM

Re: Annoying Squeak
Wow just checked mine there were 5 (of 14) clips that were not attached, pushed them back in and there all good to go now. Always had a rattle come from the mid section of the car near the rear seat and it makes sense that it comes from up there because 5 clips in a row were unlocked (all 3 in the very end of the pano room, and 2 on the sides right next to it).

cmk74 11-05-2012 01:08 PM

Re: Annoying Squeak
I checked them all and they seem tight but still have the noise. The sound is more of a metal on metal. A creek like on the floor of your house. Every little twist of the frame causese this noise. I did talk to the dealer today and I will be bringing it back. I was very infatic that i don't want it back until the problem is solved and the finger prints on the headliner removed. I will keep you posted.

HAMMMERHEAD 11-05-2012 05:40 PM

Re: Annoying Squeak
I got the little rattle too. Im thinking its in the track of the sunroof frame middle to rear passenger side. I checked the headliner fasteners that Milous mentioned and immediately the two that I could reach just above the passenger seat were unfastened. I havent checked the rest yet so hopefully it will be other headliner fasteners, but Im doubting it. It sure sounds metallic.

Thanks for the FYI Milous !! We're very fortunate to have you here!!

Dguth 11-06-2012 06:46 PM

Re: Annoying Squeak
I had the same situation come from my sunroof but it was more of a creaking/clicking sound. Coming back on a long trip to VA it got so bad it was doing it on every dip in the road.

Took it to dealer, after looking at it they suggested I would have to have the entire pano roof replaced. My thoughts were great, by the time the dealer probably tore everything out and replaced it; I would probably have more rattles/creaks.

Took it home and started looking at it myself. There are six bolts I believe that hold the pano roof in place. Come to find out after loosening and retightening the bolts, the creaking sound was coming from the front right bolt on the passenger side. Don't know if they just tightened it too tight from the factory or what but I loosened just slightly to allow the glass to flex a little better and it worked perfectly. No more creaking and don't have to worry about the dealer tearing my car up replacing the glass.

cmk74 11-06-2012 07:51 PM

Re: Annoying Squeak
Very interesting! I just got back from the dealer and they still weren't able to fix it. I was working directly with the service manager and he informed me that there was a new revision of the sunroof assembly that was revised to eliminate this problem. Apparently there have been a lot of complaints and there is a new solution. Unfortunately this assembly is on backorder. Who knows when they will get it. In the meantime I will look at adjusting the screws on my own. Thanks for the info and tips.

Milous 11-06-2012 08:41 PM

Re: Annoying Squeak

Originally Posted by cmk74 (Post 707276)
I checked them all and they seem tight but still have the noise. The sound is more of a metal on metal. A creek like on the floor of your house. Every little twist of the frame causes this noise.

Maybe issue # 4?

kbench55 11-07-2012 09:04 AM

Re: Annoying Squeak
I had a squeak/rattle that sounded like it was coming from the passenger and driver side seatbelt brackets. I checked the sunroof dual lock fasteners like Milous suggested and I had 5 of the 14 unclicked as well. Popped them all back in place and absolutely no more rattles. Thanks Milous!

mlarco52 11-09-2012 09:02 AM

Re: Annoying Squeak
Well I don't have the squeak but it now sounds like there is a piece loose in my sunroof area somewhere, when going over bumpy roads or taking sharp turns or what not I can hear something move around very slightly and hit against a wall and move back and forth. Gets very annoying when I don't have my music on. Anyone seen anything like this?

gordonwohlers 11-17-2012 10:07 AM

Re: Annoying Squeak
I have had the annoying squeak above and behind my head also. I have tried all of the fixes noted in these posts, except for going to the dealer. I have ridden in the rear seat with my wife driving and found the following:

With the sunroof shade (roof panel) in the open position, I can pull down on the sunroof rails and the squeak disappears. Anyone experience this and been able to resolve it?

Thanks a bunch

cmk74 11-18-2012 08:34 PM

Re: Annoying Squeak
The parts came in and it took a day and a half and no more squeak. They replaced the rails and everything is good now. It took longer because there is a very thin drip pan under the front portion of the sunroof that cracked when they took it out. They replaced it and all is good. I'm much happier now.

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