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WK2007 11-04-2012 11:26 PM

Engine noise after Predator install
Hi everyone,

I just installed the Predator 93 octane tune to my 2007 GC Hemi today and I am experiencing an engine problem that I could use some help with.

Here is what I did: I tried running the Jeep as low on fuel as possible before fueling up with a tank full of 93 gasoline. I believe there was less than 5 gallons of 89 octane fuel in the Jeep when I refueled with 93 octane gas. I went home and immediately installed the Diablosport 93 octane tune. After driving normally for approx. 50 miles during the day, I decided to play around a bit and did a few hard acceleration tests from stop to about 50 mph. The car ran just fine and I did not notice any abnormalities whatsoever. After the last hard acceleration test, I pulled into the local gasstation to grab some stuff. When I pulled up to the drive-thru window, I noticed a very loud ticking/clunking/squeeling noise coming from the engine bay. I assumed it was the old car in front of me, but as that car took off, the noise persisted. I decided to bail on the drive-thru and slowly roll thru the parking lot to better identify the noise, but I was unable to identify exactly what the noise was or where it came from. I decided to slowly roll out into traffic and continue to drive around with my window rolled down to see if the noise would persist. The car ran quiet as always and I was unable to replicate the noise. Drove the car home and ran a diagnostic test by using the Predator. No trouble codes to be found.

I keep my cars in great shape and the pulleys were inspected recently when I had a new belt installed. The vehicle has never done this before, so Im starting to think it is due to the install of the Predator tune. Perhaps the vehicle is running too lean under load?

Have any of you guys experienced a similar issue and what could be causing this?

Any help is much appreciated.

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