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TJXJWJ 11-05-2012 07:02 AM

2009 Libby Moper Remote Start
Well, I completed an installation on this and figured I'd post up what I did in the event someone else is looking for a bit of a "guide". There doesn't seem to be much out there for the KK.

I started by ordering 82211441AE from Just for Jeeps, and as expected, a few days later, the brand new kit arrived at my door. The kit comes with an antenna, a hood switch, an electronic ignition module, 2 new keys, and a baggie of zip ties and largely unnecessary nutserts and screws. It also came with instructions. The dealer quoted me $300 for installation, so I did it myself. The instructions are very good until you get to the antenna and ignition module mounting part, so I'll be extra detailed on that area.

First, I popped the hood, disconnected the negative on the battery and installed the hood switch as show on the instructions. Very simple, we're talking seconds here folks. I then made the connection at the correct pin-out as per the instructions. It fought me a little, but be gentle and patient, you'll be fine. All you're really doing is disassembling a harness and adding a wire where there isn't one already. Make sure the plastic place-holder is removed and the wire terminal is seated properly. The instructions show you how to remove the back of the connector to access the wires, but it doesn't tell you that with a small flat head screwdriver or pick, you could remove the front too, which really aids in removing the place holder and ensuring a solid seating of the new terminal. Reassemble, and zip tie everything down out of the way, and your work under the hood is DONE.

Next up, I removed 2-3 screws under the shroud that covers the steering column. Next, release the steering column lock so you can move the wheel up and down. CAREFULLY, seperate the top of the column cover from the bottom. They snap together. The top comes off rather simply. The bottom takes some manuevering. Just be careful not to crack or force it. Once that's done, you're looking for a small plastic box that matches the new one that came in the kit. It's got a loop that wraps around the ignition hole. You have to remove 1 screw to get the multifunction switch out of the way, and once that's done, you have 1 screw to remove the ignition module. The ring of the module snaps in, so once you're unscrewed and unsnapped, all that's left is a wire. LEAVE THAT ON. Install the antenna module to the new ignition box and snap the new one in place. Screw it down and re-attach your multifunction switch. Next, I put the old key through the old ignition module and the new one (leaving the one hang on just the key's head) and turned the vehicle to "acc". This allowed me to put it in "N" and apply the e-brake. With that being done, I removed the trim panel around the radio/HVAC controls with a trim stick. It just pops out. There are some wires and harnesses, but I didnt' need to mess with those. It pulls away enough to do what I needed to do. The reason for placing the vehicle in "N" is to be able to pull the panel far enough back and not hit the shifter. Next, I removed the 4 screws that hold the radio in. Pull the radio out a bit and feed the antenna through. The panel under steering wheel where your knees go, pulls down and opens like glove box. It just snaps in. I lowered that, ran the antenna down there, then up through a hole behind the radio. Pull the antenna through, careful not to snag the wires. I re-installed the radio and wedged the antenna between the upper hvac duct and immediately under the tray that sits in the middle of the dash. I get great "reception" with it sitting up there. I didn't need to "strap it down" as it fit just perfectly wedging it in. Re-assemble the trim after re-installing the radio (4 screws) and you're ready to go.

At this point, you have to take it to a Jeep dealer. They will have to unplug your old ignition box and plug it into the new one you installed, program the keys, and flash the computer. I was charged $70 for all of that. They also re-programmed the old key to work with the new ignition module as well. After that was done and I took home, I re-installed the shroud that goes around the steering column and that was it! This was EXTREMELY simple for anyone with a basic ratchet set and a few screwdrivers. I maybe had an hour total invested in this not including going to the dealer.

Note: If you unplug the old ignition box, or don't keep the "loop" of the old box around your old key, the vehicle will shut itself off after a few short seconds. The old key needs to be able to "talk" to the old ignition box the entire time the vehicle is on. It may look ghetto, or like you hotwired it, but it's the only way to get 99% of the installation done so the dealer doesn't rape you on "installation" costs. Just put the key through the old one (which is still plugged in...just not screwed down anymore) and start, leaving it hanging on the key itself. The dealer took about an hour (I made an appt) to cut the new keys, program them, and flash the computer. Save yourself $230 and do this yourself!:thumbsup:

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