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Directfreak 11-05-2012 05:54 PM

Added A2DP Bluetooth Streaming to MyGig RER
So, I REALLY wanted to have Bluetooth Music Streaming added to my Jeep. I was even considering upgrading my Headunit to the newer MyGig REZ that does have it. I just couldn't fathom spending over $1000.

I decided to make it my own system work, for less than 40 bucks total.

At First, I went with a nice little GoGroove Bluetooth Wireless Adapter, and it worked great,
simply plugged into my AUX port.

It works with batteries (so it's portable), and a full charge would last over 12 hours. It also has auto-turn off feature, so it wouldn't waste the batteries.
As you can see, I simply placed it on the AC Vent. The only downfall to this system is that I had to manually turn it on each time I wanted to use it. Not exactly a "set and forget" the way I wanted it.

Then, I ran across this style Bluetooth USB Powered wireless receiver.
The advantage of this system was that it was USB powered, so I didn't have to charge the batteries, and also it "reconnected" to my phone automatically when it powered up.

My iPhone 4 connects to my "uConnect" and to this Music Receiver adapter at the same time.
All I have to do is switch to the AUX-IN of the MyGig System.
Worked flawlessly, except for the little eyesore on the dash of the receiver plugged into the radio's USB port and AUX-IN at the same time.

I had it working like this for a long time, and then decided to go full on stealth install.
I decided to add a 12V power outlet in the center console, and to "Relocate" the MyGig Aux-in Port to somewhere where it wasn't visible.
I wired the new "power" outlet to the "left" factory outlet (since it is a "key-on" outlet).

Then I got a llow profile USB power adapter to plug into it.

Then I needed to re-route the AUX input as well. This was tricky to find, as I wanted a 90 degree fitting on the end that went to the radio,
and I wanted a "Bulkhead Female Jack" on the other end.
This was the most expensive part ($17), since it was a special part designed for motorcycles.
It was a perfect length of 5 feet, and I was able to pop off the dash and route it under the center console.
I placed the bulkhead fitting right over my newly placed USB/12V Power socket.

Voila! I now have hidden/stealth A2DP Bluetooth streaming on my "regular" MyGig.
This is all you can see:

I use it with Pandora, Slingbox, and Netflix, and the sound is awesome. Especially with my upgraded Kicker+JL Sub system (Bass knob)

I am sure there are others of you interested in this, so I decided to actually post this instead of keeping it to myself.

I got the socket at Radio shack, since it was DEEP, and would allow a flush mount of the USB Power adapter:

This was the USB Music Receiver I got (from eBay)

lucusc 11-10-2012 01:22 PM

Re: Added A2DP Bluetooth Streaming to MyGig RER
This is awesome, thanks. I have been trying to get A2DP for my RER and have tried using a Bluetooth adapter by IWave (like this one) for the integrated Ipod cable but the head unit would just sit on initializing comm. Which is to bad because I would have loved to just plugged it in and go since the cable is hidden in the cubby below the stereo.

Anyway this looks like a simple solution and won't cost thousands. I just wish there was a way to add an aux out to the back of the RER so that we wouldn't need the 90 degree aux cable.

sk8rcj 02-12-2013 01:58 PM

How's the sound quality via Bluetooth?

robreichstetter 02-18-2013 09:24 PM

Re: Added A2DP Bluetooth Streaming to MyGig RER
This post made me join this site. I'm looking to buy a 2009 Cherokee Limited. I'm coming from a Ford with SYNC and bluetooth audio capabilities. I think I'm going to miss it.

Can you add the pics again? They aren't showing.


suzieque 02-18-2013 10:03 PM

Re: Added A2DP Bluetooth Streaming to MyGig RER
I'd also like to see the pics, not sure how I missed this thread before.

robreichstetter 02-28-2013 04:13 PM

Re: Added A2DP Bluetooth Streaming to MyGig RER
Isn't there some kind of aux port on the back of the unit that could hide all of it behind the dash?

wta0002 02-28-2013 04:30 PM

Re: Added A2DP Bluetooth Streaming to MyGig RER
I did the same thing a few weeks back. Picked up this little guy*|*Antec Its about the size of a key chain membership card. Only problem im having with it is that there is interference when using the uconnect for phone calls. I have to power it down in order for the call to be clear. Are you having any problems with interference when your making phone calls?

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