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yellj 11-09-2012 10:03 AM

Off Roading
I am curious as to what type of terrain folks are on when they off road. Seems a little odd folks care so much about looks, finish, rims etc.. Then load up with skid plates and rock rails. I think my Grand is great (13-Overland), but sure as hell not going to wheel a 40k+ vehicle where I need rock rails and skid plates. I have an 04 Unlimited for wheeling and it is set up with all the skid plates (1/4" Steel), rock rails you can imagine for rock crawling. Each time out there is are new scratches some small dents and rock rash on the rims, not to mention you get pretty dirty and wouldn't want to be sitting on my perforated leather seats with muddy / oily pants. 11-09-2012 10:25 AM

Re: Off Roading
I have wheeled my relatively stock (aside from tires) Commander in areas I definitely needed skid plates and probably could have used rock rails. Yet, it still looks like new.

Out here in AZ we don't usually have mud... just dust, lots of dust. But that all disappears with a good detailing.

My ideal WK2 would be one that was completely loaded like an Overland Summit inside, but had the rock rails, better tires, etc. of the Trailhawk on the outside.

Even if I still had a dedicated off-roader, I like my daily driver to be truly off-road capable, just in case I get the urge.

ChrisOC 11-21-2012 03:27 PM

Re: Off Roading
I got the Jeep mainly for snow and dirt roads that I may traverse while snowboarding or hiking etc. I didn't get it for rockclimbing or any thing that serious. This is my DD and the last thing I want is to add all those protection features, nor do I want to roll it and have to get it fixed. If I was into rockclimbing in a jeep, I would do what you have done and that is get a second older vehicle for it.

Schweibs 11-21-2012 05:31 PM

If I did serious wheeling then I would have gotten a JKU. The off roading I do is on trails through the woods with some mud. I really don't like to go 'mudding' because I hate all the clean up to do after, plus it's a luxury vehicle it shouldn't be completely covered in mud. That's just my opinion though. I know there are guys on this forum that take their WK2's muddin.

JRoll1ns 12-03-2012 04:01 PM

Re: Off Roading
I take my summit just about anywhere I get an urge to go. I almost rolled it with 450 miles on it and have the rock rash on all 4 of the 20's. It happens, but that's what I bought it for. The paint is still perfect, and you would be amazed at what the computer can compensate for with those street tires on there. In fact the only thing that I stay away from now is soft shoulders. No means of gripping the sand (that's how I almost rolled it) with the stock 20's. I will admit that now that I have "proved" to myself that it's a Jeep, I don't go to the extremes of when I first got it, but it is nice knowing that you can do something if need be and be confident in your vehicle and driving abilities. I guess I'm the type that if I just wanted something to look good and only have pseudo off road capability I would have bought a Lexus.

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