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01grand 11-09-2012 10:30 AM

Front end Squeaky
Ok so I have a squeaking noise that im 99% sure is coming from the front end of the Jeep. Its only noticeable at lower speeds like going through the neighborhood or a parking lot or when coming to a stop. Also, it doesn't seem any different when turning vs. going straight. Its not in the brakes, those are all new and check out fine and it was doing it before I replaced them last month. Also I just changed oil in the diff and everything seemed ok in there, very little buildup on the magnet. I'm not sure if its front driveshaft u-joints or hubs/cv shafts. I wanted to take off the front shaft for a day and see if the noise goes away. However, I somehow don't seem to have the right tools. The bracket bolts on that hold the shaft to the front diff seem to be 9mm, but of course my 9mm wrench seems to be missing and my 9mm socket is too big to fit next to the bracket. Then, the bolts holding it to the transfer case seem to be 7.5mm, when I tried 8mm it seemed loose enough to round it off and same goes for 5/16ths (I think it was that anyway). Anybody happen to remember or know what size both of those bolts are? Also, if anybody can remember where my 9mm wrench went that would be good to know too. :lol:

TheStreet16 11-09-2012 05:16 PM

Re: Front end Squeaky
Your 9mm wrench and my money tree have both seemed to disappear.....They probably ended up in Scott's garage.

01grand 11-10-2012 11:51 AM

Re: Front end Squeaky

cheapjeep 11-12-2012 06:43 PM

Re: Front end Squeaky
It's probably in your back pocket if you're anything like me:D Let me see if I can come up with something in my oddball socket collection tomorrow. Those cheapo socket sets seem to have oddball sizes like that.

cheapjeep 11-12-2012 06:48 PM

Re: Front end Squeaky
Aaron I wonder if those rear heads use a torx socket. Check them again bud. Mopar likes to throw them at you once in a while just to mess with you.

01grand 11-13-2012 10:02 AM

Re: Front end Squeaky
Mother F'ers they would do that.

Ok, here's what I found looking at my parts manual (although its for an 03, it shows the same double u-joint shaft I have). I googled the part numbers, the shaft to t-case bolts are 5/16-24 x 1-1/8, part# 06036415AA. The shaft to front diff yoke are part# J4006928, .250-28x.620. Quadratec lists that last one as a 12 point ujoint strap bolt.

01grand 11-24-2012 04:56 PM

Re: Front end Squeaky
Ok I got it all figured out. The bolts that hold the shaft to the t-case yoke are 5/16" hex and while my socket seems to be somewhat worn my box end wrench did the trick to break them loose. The bolts at the front diff yoke are 3/8" but impossible to get a wrench on because they are so close to the curve of the strap. However this time I noticed the heads are also T30 torx... so I got the shaft off, all seemed ok on the ujoints and a test drive determined that the squeak was still there... So back to square one. I think I will just wait and see if it gets worse so it's easier to tell exactly what is wrong, I'm not big on replacing parts until I know what is bad.

On the plus side however I now know that my front driveshaft is in good shape! :thumbsup:

hoffmanestates 11-25-2012 07:21 AM

I noticed a same like noise on front end going over speed humps. I'm figuring bushing of sort it it only squeeks when front suspension articulates. I am going to pb blaster EACH BUSHING one at time till squeek stops then hopefully that's the one. Wonder if this work for you.

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