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fester 11-10-2012 08:01 AM

My complete stereo instal
Guys thought I'd post up my stereo instal. Ignore the recommendations for some stuff I did this as a write up on our Aussie forum and have simply cut and pasted due to laziness.

Finally got all the bits and pieces I've collected off the shelves and into the Jeep. First time I've ever done a complete upgrade of all components, needless to say not dissapointed.

The headunit is a Pioneer MVH8300BT. This is a diskless unit with only Ipod/USB/MP3/Aux/SD inputs and radio of course. Has BT phone. No camera inputs but I think I can rig a camera up through the front aux input and it doesn't bother me just connecting it when needed. I have bypassed the handbrake video trigger so I can see image anytime I need. You can't see in the pic but it has custom colours and actually illuminates incredibly close to the factory instrument lighting. It connects to the steering buttons through a PacSwi interface.
Oh the surround is the start of my brushed titanium vinyl wrap to get rid of the woodgrain too.

Speakers are Alpine Type R 6.5" splits in front with matching 6.5" 2 ways in rear doors all mounted in CNC cut aluminium spacers/adaptors.
New speaker wiring was run throughout with the wires run through the factory rubber grommets and through a little hole I made in the side of the wiring plugs that clip into the door hole that the grommets cover.
The grommet plug

Amps are Alpine PDX series 4-100 for the speakers and 1-600 for the sub. Both fit under the seats nicely and the replacement for the factory one will actually sit on the original bracket with a couple of small lugs bolted on the side tags to hold it down. As you can see the jack handles still fit too although the jack won't fit on the passenger side. It can go to the rear somewhere but I'll likely ditch it alltogether for a small bottle jack, never liked those scissor jacks.I could have put the sub amp in the rear somehow but I wanted this to be as factory/stealth as possible.
I had too much additional wiring already running through the sills so I ran it down underneath along with the fule lines. On the CRD at least there is a set of clips that suppport 4 lines but only 3 are used so I clipped the power wire into these clips and protected it between clips with split conduit, it holds really well and is still nicely tucked up and protected. It comes back in right near the amps through a factory grommet.
I've run it into a distribution fuse block to split it between the 2 amps cause I had it lying around and it works a treat, there is a perfect flat spot beside the handbrake bracketry.
I also put in a nutsert on the other side to give me a neat and solid earth point, bearing in mind Alpine recommend 4 gauge wiring for these amps.
And for the time being at least this is the sub as again it is something I had lying around (and been trying to sell). Plan B is to flush mount the Type R sub I've got in to the spare tyre well below a false floor.

For anyone interested in various stages of upgrades I came across some neat amps during my research that will all fit under the rear seats. There are Alpines I used but I'm not sure if they are still current models, I got mine second hand and our local Autobarn still has them but I think they may be just outdated. From Alpine as well though is a small amp that is designed to link to their headunits and is designed to use speaker inputs rather than RCA, it also requires only a small power source. All this means it can be wired in place of the Infinity amp by simply splicing into the factory amp loom. It does not have much finetuning as it is designed primarily to boost the headunits power. It is called the Powerpack and claims it can boost the headunit signal by up to 150%. Rockford Fosgate are also doing some nice compact amps that come in both multi channel and mono configurations and they can accept both speaker or RCA inputs. Their power requirements are a bit less than the PDX but would still require dedicated power wiring but could be spliced into the factory speaker/amp wiring. They are their Punch PBR series.

Trav1s 11-10-2012 08:17 AM

Re: My complete stereo instal
Looks great! Do those Alpine amps run cool?

fester 11-10-2012 06:28 PM

Re: My complete stereo instal
Thanks. Not too sure how hot they run but so far not too bad. I don't tend to run them very hard either.

bicdaddy 11-12-2012 09:46 PM

Re: My complete stereo instal
Nice work! I went to install my new HU today, and found out the infinity amp has two bad channels. The voltage (signal) is getting to the amp, but there's no output from the amp.
Well instead of buying a used amp on ebay, I decided to get a new setup. New amp and new speakers. I'm hoping the 6 1/2" speakers will put out enough bass for my liking.

fester 11-13-2012 03:14 AM

Re: My complete stereo instal
Yeah when I first hooked up the original amp to my upgraded speakers it didn't work properly either. Only really worked the rear speakers and wasn't outputting to the fronts correctly. Only way I had useable sound was to balance the rears up full otherwise all that came out the front was rubbish base.

JeepFreak12 11-13-2012 05:07 AM

Re: My complete stereo instal
Cant go wrong with alpine. I have an alpine HU with alpine speakers, 600W Directed Class D amp powering a RE Audio competition 10" with some RockFord Fosgate Tweeters and it sounds awsome!

JRK5892 11-15-2012 09:28 AM

Re: My complete stereo instal
Simply fantastic!!!! ill have to get some pics of the stereo i put in... dig the idea of under the seats for the amp though. mine is mounted to the back of the passanger seat... really really well done!

Madanio24 11-15-2012 12:44 PM

Re: My complete stereo instal
Very nice amps and mounting location. I have the same 4 channel amp. It runs pretty cool.

fester 11-15-2012 09:33 PM

Re: My complete stereo instal
Thanks guys. Good to hear the amps run pretty cool. Yeah I wanted to retain the factory stealth look. Not into the show us your bits approach. Will be totally happy once I get the sub mounted into the tyre well. Then when my false floor and drawer goes in you won't even know there is a sub there. Got a spot for the fridge on drivers side then shallow draw slide on the other side.

TheStreet16 11-16-2012 07:28 PM

Re: My complete stereo instal
Nicely done. Best place to put the amps honestly. Easy to get too when you need it but very hidden and clean!

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