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theendresult1 11-11-2012 08:35 PM

Big oil leak......HELP
I went back out to my jeep today and there was a huge puddle of oil in front of the front passenger tire. I couldnt find the source as there was spray all of the passenger side of the engine bay. I checked the dipstick and it was registering right on the bottom. I just checked it the other day and it was full so I lost about 1.5 litres. I found another thread where someone has posted this list of possible causes:

1) a third party oil filter - there are known problems with seals on some third party filters (Mann or Wix, can't recall which one had the problem)
2) a leak in your oil cooler
3) a leak in one of the engine block oil galley plugs, here is a thread that shows them
4) your oil fill cap was backwards, it leaks if installed backwards
5) your crankcase breather valve or crankcase breather hose are plugged, usually the dipstick will blow out if this happens

I noticed my dipstick was raised so Im guessing #5 is my problem.

Does anyone know whats involved with fixing this? I havent been able to get a good look at the situation yet as it was getting dark and its -20 C tonight. Too cold to be crawling around on the ground.

I live right next door to a dealer so if I have to take it to them its not a problem. Id just like to have an idea of whats going on so I dont have to pay them to diagnose the problem....

Any help is much appreciated:)

theendresult1 11-12-2012 01:28 PM

Re: Big oil leak......HELP
Update: I checked it out and couldnt find anything wrong. I ran my jeep for 10 mins and nothing was leaking. So my conclusion would be that it blew out the dipstick as it was raised. Anyone have any ideas as to why this build up of pressure would occur? I have done the elephant hose mod and there is stuff coming out of it so its not clogged.......
It was pretty cold last night, could a buildup of condensation in a low spot of the hose froze and plugged it?

bill_de 11-12-2012 02:35 PM

Re: Big oil leak......HELP
Maybe when you just checked it the other day you didn't put the dipstick in all the way. It might have come out more just hitting a bump.

I'm not sure this would cause all this oil to come out. It just seems coincidental that you checked the oil and now the dipstick was up.

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