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dunnie0420 11-14-2012 12:57 AM

rough idle, really bad
sup guys, new here as title says ive got a few issues with my moms 2007 laredo 4.7, 105k. Runs like SHIT! burns alot of oil. smokes like a 2stroke amd ticks im thinking a lifter. but it recently started with this idle problem. start in park idle bounces up and down to about 1300 then drops down around 500, and has even stalled out a couple times. but it drives ok. its been a problem for a while as my mom is a bit neglectful and funds are extremly tight. no engine light, until tonight. I was going through a parking lot going about 15 mph, came to a quick stop and the engine stalled out. it didnt bog down or anything seeming like a missfire, it just stopped like you turned it off. Shortly after i was on the highway going around 65/70mph, i herd a loud bang sounded like hitting a big bump the engine light popped on, rpms were at like 800, and there was zero throttle respose for a few seconds. I put it in neutral and rolled to a stop. I immediately shit myself (not literaly) as I pulled to the side of the highway. went to start the car again after about 3 tries i was on the phone with my boy with AAA. after about 5 minutes of thinking i was going to die i gave it a try and it started right up and i drove it home 10 miles no problem. Even stoppped to get gas turned it off started up and drove. but the light is still on. I dont know alot of much outside of my car i mean getting into these newer vehicles and all the low blinker fluid lights and fancy such hahaha and i dont have the slightest idea where to start or what to search for, i know all about google and search feature :p no luck for me. help is very much appreciated. :)

tthanks in advance, Matt

p.s. it happened at 9:05 p.m, I could literaly see autozone. im going to get the code scanned in the morning will update. bsa light (im pretty sure) is illuminated also and its got a ad solinoid in the tranny ive read seems to be quite common on these but im sure the problms arent related, or maybe wrong...

brentwoodkris 11-14-2012 02:59 PM

Re: rough idle, really bad
Sounds like a misfiring/timing issue. I'd start with a the standard tune up if your mother didn't take care of it. Stalling could also be caused by bad coils if it's indeed the ignition system as I suspect.

Check these (not necessarily in this order): Ignition system, air delivery system (esp TB/MAF/IAT), fuel delivery system (clogged injectors, fuel pump).

Also note that the batteries in these WK's have been known to exhibit CRAZY symptoms when the voltages vary even slightly. Make sure you get yours load tested.

Madanio24 11-14-2012 03:44 PM

Re: rough idle, really bad
Get the codes checked. I would change sparkplugs check resistance on coils and seafoam.

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