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brent 11-15-2012 07:20 AM

How To: Replace WK Washer Nozzle(s)
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Parts Needed:

55079049AA 2005-2010 MOPAR Front Washer Nozzle
A20661 - Box of 50 retaining clips - Chrysler Fender Liner Retainer

Tools Needed:

Flush Cutters or Side Cutters
Shop Vac

This is easy, but I spent most of my time trying to figure out the clips in the engines silencer cover. They're tough to pull out, and I found it easier to simply cut the heads off and push them all the way through. Once you remove the silencer, you can push the remaining fastener through the hole and use a shop vac to remove the plastic bits from the larger holes in those raceways. Not perfect, some recommend trying to remove the fastener completely, but I ended up damaging the hood silencer with the heads of the fasteners attempting this.

Easiest way to remove your existing, broken washer nozzle is to use your side cutters and cut the plastic retainers (4). Turn your head or wear safety glasses, these plastic bits will FLY across your garage.

Remove the nozzle. Ensure the tubing and elbow is not obstructed from plastic bits if your plastic barbed nipple broke off inside. I had to crush the pieces with pliars and work them out.

Now is a good time to clean off the top of your hood where the nozzle sits. Maybe a little dirt or wax stuck on there.

Replace the broken nozzle with the good one. It's easy to push through from the top of the hood. Using hand pressure, push firmly and evenly on the top of the nozzle until the latches lock into pace.

Secure the washer hose to the barbed nipple of the nozzle.

Repeat if necessary on the 2nd washer nozzle. I replaced both of mine in tandem.

Use the shop vac to clean the top of your hood silencer.

Reinstall the hood silencer with new A20661 clips.


Xanatos03 11-29-2012 11:31 PM

Re: How To: Replace WK Washer Nozzle(s)
Thanks for the write up. My passenger side nozzle leaks every now and again and it's annoying, especially after just detailing it. How much is a new nozzle? Do they come in pairs or are they sold individually?


brent 11-29-2012 11:52 PM

Re: How To: Replace WK Washer Nozzle(s)
Thanks. I think the washer nozzles I found on eBay were 15 bucks a piece.

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