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r063r 11-17-2012 11:24 PM

Shift Lever Override/Remote Start issue
The manual for my 2013 Laredo X references the Shift Lever Override, albeit briefly and without much detail. I wondered what that was about and then tucked that nugget away.

My 2nd day of ownership I learned why it was in there...the shifter was stuck in Park. I followed the procedure - popped the cap in the cup holder (beneath the rubber insert), depressed the pink tab, shifted out of park and was on my way. BTW, the cap is rigid and I broke it getting it out. Anyway, had the same thing happen twice more that day and again the next morning. Spoke to the dealer and they immediately asked if I was depressing the brake pedal when attempting to shift from Park...I guess its a question they have to, "is your computer plugged in?".

The dealer has no answers so far and I'm taking it in for a look see while they install the tow package. I started replaying the various scenarios and trying to recreate the issue. It occurred to me I had been playing with remote start quite a bit trying to determine max range. Sure enough, the issue can be recreated regularly...remote start, climb in, depress brake, try to shift and it acts as though the brake is not depressed. I had wondered about this because in a remote start that initial brake depression is not required, which might be confusing to whatever software is involved, though, there is apparently a solenoid and a linkage of some sort that could be the culprit.

Wonder if this is a bug or intended to be a theft deterrent...that second one comes to mind because, BTW, pressing the tab with the engine running activates the alarm. The manual says perform the procedure in ACC mode and now I know why.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I have never seen this override on another vehicle that is user accessible, though other Jeep models have it, and, Jeep is obviously aware of the potential for the issue. No one seems to know the cause or logic involved that requires the override. Any thoughts?

Will update in a few days after the dealer visit.


berk483 11-17-2012 11:53 PM

Re: Shift Lever Override/Remote Start issue
If you remote start the vehicle it will not, and shouldn't for theft reasons, allow you to shift out of park until you enter with the key fob AND depress the brake and hit the start button. This takes you out of auto-start mode and into Drive mode which unlocks the shifter. I'm reallly suprised it allowed you to take it out of park after auto start even with the override.

r063r 11-18-2012 07:35 PM

Re: Shift Lever Override/Remote Start issue
Thanks for your reply. That makes sense. The info center actually says "Remote start active-push start button"... I had not noticed this message and, as far as I see, that is not spelled out in the manual.

To clarify, I got it to work by turning it off and on again using the start button while sitting in the vehicle with the fob...essentially a normal start. I did, on one occasion, push the tab with the vehicle running after remote start and that sets off the theft alarm...again, makes sense. I didn't take time to see if I could shift and drive away with the alarm blaring, but now I'm curious.

berk483 11-18-2012 07:42 PM

Re: Shift Lever Override/Remote Start issue
No problem. Glad thats all it was. Enjoy your GC, I know I love mine.

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