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BASSO'MATIC 11-23-2012 07:07 PM

My short term plan.....
Im running a completely stock 06 wk rear wheel drive and am starting to get the mod itch. I've been blown away by the amount of info and knowledge on this site!! I just ordered a k&n intake and would like to focus on the suspension next. Here's what im thinking....

wk Bilsteins with either srt springs or eibachs
Bwoody non srt links
srt front and rear sway bars

I also can't wait to throw on some 20" reps of some sort but that may have to wait a bit. I want to focus on the suspension first because that "floaty" feeling is really bothering the hell out of me!

I'm looking to drop it maybe an it looks strong with the the wheels and, down the road, the mopar body kit or srt bumpers.

Would love some feedback fellas! You guys are a huge help!!:thumbsup:

bobharly 11-25-2012 12:44 AM

Re: My short term plan.....
I just dropped my wk two weeks ago. I used srt8 coils and srt bilsteins. I dropped 1/4" in front and 5/8" in the rear. Puts me at 32" at the fender (through center of the wheel) in front and 32 1/8th" at rear. Measure your current height. If your springs/shocks are sagging, you may not get much drop like me. However, I love the ride. Day and night different. I believe the wk eibach's will go 1/4" lower than the srt8 OEM coils that I used, based on info on this website. And WK bilsteins will raise you 3/8th" by website consensus. Do your homework first and measure twice and buy once.

BASSO'MATIC 11-25-2012 09:21 AM

Re: My short term plan.....
Thanks Bob. I am a bit confused with the info that I've gathered. I'm aware that the wk bilsteins would raise me a bit, but isn't that only if I used the stock springs?? I guess my question is...if I were to use the wk bilsteins (hd) with the eibachs or srt springs, would I be a touch lower than what the stock suspension is giving me now? Ideally I would love to get the srt bilsteins but they are very much out of my price range.

bobharly 11-25-2012 11:38 PM

Re: My short term plan.....
The bilstein HD's are replacements for the stock shocks on stock coils. The srt coils are shorter and the srt bilsteins are shorter. The bilstein HD's, which are a pressurized gas shock want to rise UP to their natural resting place they are valved for, effectively lifting lowering coils. But yes, they cost a lot less. I saved for 4 months to afford the srt bilsteins. Imagine how I felt when my drop was minimal because the old springs were already sagging on bad shocks... If I had bought the bilstein HD's all I would have done was level my ride, with no noticeable drop at all.

The reason people use the bilstein HD's in lowering their jeeps is that they are affordable and rugged enough not to blow out. I've only read one post of someone blowing out a bilstein HD, and I'm not sure if that was even related to ride height. The stock shocks, which are hydraulic, have a reputation for blowing out when used with lowering coils.

In theory, you would still be lower with Bilstein HD's. In my case, they would not have helped.

BASSO'MATIC 11-26-2012 11:19 AM

Re: My short term plan.....
Thanks Bob for taking time out. i really appreciate it. Guess I've got some decisions to make.

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