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JRK5892 11-24-2012 09:35 AM

blend door and heater core flush
well this weekend i tossed in the new blend doors, got them though a buddy at jeep for $80, and got to keep dual climate control so i went with the Jeep oem replacement, went though the glove, took about 20 min start to finish, i did not trust the sealing tape so i also used goop household sealant (use this all the time in the shop, it is flexable and holds strong... but can be removed if needed in case i have to get back in there... well after that was all done i did the reset, still was not blowing very hot... so i then went and flushed my heater core, let some CRL sit in there for 2-3 min after i used the compressor to back blow all the crap out of it... then flushed with water... hooked it all back up, topped off the antifreeze and BOOM HOT air!

JRK5892 11-24-2012 11:58 AM

Re: blend door and heater core flush
i posted this on another forum as well and they where asking about the heater core process so i figured i would post that here as well

for the heater core...

find your hot line, i un hooked my heater core lines by the radiator, i have a hose clip tool so it was pretty easy, got the top one (your hot) from the top of the motor and the return line, from under it... from here i drained what was in the core... now i got a fitting for my air compressor, wrapped electrical tape around that till it would fit snug into the heater core tube. hooked the air compressor up to this and blew out the line! once it was all i used some CRL and would fill the line, then lightly blow it into the heater core... let that sit for 2-5 min, then blew that out... (one thing i will add... when you blowing out the line if you do not re direct the return hose you will be blowing all that crap right out of the lines into the thermostat housing lines, so be sure you are directing that out, i shoved a hose into the return line and into my catch pan) after i got all the CRL out of there, i ran water through the lines till it was coming out clean and nice, again blow that out with the compressor... hook back up the lines... from here go start your truck, but leave the fan off and the heat on, add antifreeze till it is full, be sure you let your truck get warm so that the thermostat will open up and you can kind of burp it... then turn on the heat in the truck and the fans... worked great... i did see a video on your tube that said if you still dont have heat take the truck out and floor it, that will help... mine was blowing hot so i did this more to celebrate the heat! hahaha

if you have any questions let me know... took longer to get the hose clamps off and the lines off than it did to do the whole clean and flush. I did not take pics of this as the weather turned and temps dropped into the teens, and antifreeze was out and splashing around from time to time with compressed air so i did not watn to get that crap all over my phone and watned to get done sooner than later...

xJoshxx 11-24-2012 12:41 PM

Re: blend door and heater core flush
Unclogging A Heater Core - EricTheCarGuy - YouTube Flushing your heater core WJ used

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