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STJohnJeep 11-24-2012 09:41 AM

1996 Jeep Cherokee Starting Problem
OK, so I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee. I am attempting to diagnose an issue. We are having trouble starting. Firstly, I will say the Jeep needs to be in neutral to start, has been this way for over 6 years. So recently you put the key in the ignition, put the car in neutral, and go to fire her up, she turns over but does not fully start up. If you you the key in the ignition and put it in the on position you can hear the fuel pump buzzing. We have worked out this crazy system where you put the key in the on position for 5 seconds, turn the key back to off and the buzzing stops, hold there for 3 seconds, back to on and the buzzing for 5 seconds, then back to off for 3... this process continues until the fuel pump buzzes and the stops on its own. At the point if you turn the key back to off for 3 seconds, then back to the on position the fuel pump buzzes and stops on its own for a second time, the keep the key in the on position and count to 15, then go for start... and she fires up! Sometimes you need to repeat this process more than once, but she always fires up. Once she is running there are no issues. No stalling while driving, and if you turn her off to go run and errand and come right back she will start right up. Once she has started for the day and been running for a little you can leave her sitting for up to 3 hours and she will fire right up. After that you need to do the 5 second 3 second trick, but the fuel pump always turns off on its own quicker after the initial start up. We have talked to many mechanics locally (we live in the Virgin Islands) and everyone is stumped. I have tried to do some research on my own online and I am coming up short. My best guesses are that it is the fuel pump (but everything I have read says a fuel pump just goes, no warning, and there is no problem while the car is running) or the computer. I would love some advise! I should also mention this can was in an accident and the computer is not the original computer. Also the car seems to have trouble running in the rain. Sputters and drives very jerky and jumpy.


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