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Rich240sx 11-24-2012 05:04 PM

pain in my butt.
ok, i have a 1999 jeep cherokee sport, straight 6, 4.0L engine. i recently changed the plugs, wires, distributor cap/rotor, and it was running good till the check engine light came on and it started stalling out. i brought it to advanced and they said it was my o2 sensor between the cat/muffler. i changed it, and it ran good for like a week. now, i have no check engine light on, and its running like poo. keeps stalling, real sputtery. it was running good. idk why its not anymore. all plugs seem to be firing. what could it be? im a pretty good not schooled mechanic, but i got no check engine light to work with, and dont know where to start. it sometimes starts right up and runs like poo and sometimes it wont start at all. if anyone has any ideas, shoot me a reply and i will rip this thing apart asap

with love,

bill_de 11-24-2012 05:22 PM

Re: pain in my butt.
Try a couple bottles of Techron or SeaFoam in the gas tank. I had the same thing a few years ago. It started all of a sudden. I took it to the dealer who put it on the computer. He suggested Techron. When I asked him how much he said, "Go to Walmart, right down the road". He further said to give it 25 to 50 miles to work. I did, it did, and ever since I throw a can in once a year.

Rich240sx 11-24-2012 05:25 PM

Re: pain in my butt.
i was thinking that maybe a fuel injector was crummy, i did just get a full tank of gas, maybe it was a bad batch. ill give it a try. good looks Big Bill

Rich240sx 12-04-2012 07:04 AM

Re: pain in my butt.
ok so i got the jeep running, heard a weird ticking noise coming from this piece that i snapped a pic of. when i wiggled it the car stalled out. i think its something evap related? or a vacuum leak... what is this part called? i would like to replace the whole thing but i dont know what to say when going to the parts store. i circled it in yellow. if anyone knows what its called, or what i need to order, please let me know. thanks <3

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