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livingrock21 12-01-2012 03:01 PM

few ?'s, any and all help truly/greatly appreciated
I have an '05 Wk limited with the 5.7L... I cant tell but I dont think my over drive is kicking in, and/or the mds... I was just watching and while I was doing 55 on the highway I was running 2k rpms.. So I used the auto stick and downshifted and it satyed the same.. I meant to try going 65 and see if the same thing happened.. What rpms are you guys running when doing 55 and 65? Keep in mind I have almost stock tires, I went a size bigger then stock so it shouldn't be much of a difference.. Also, is there any true way to tell if the mds is working? I know using the wrong oil can cause the mds to not function properly.. I know guys with aftermarket exhaust say they can hear it, but are there any other ways you can tell that I can look for... That's my main issue right now, but do have a few other ?'s...

I also really want to know the correct way to seafoam my hemi, or the way to get the best results.. I know these hemis are notorious for carbon buildup...

How hard is it to put an mds on/off switch in, and can anyone point me to a "how to" thread??

I think thats it, guess i can always add more later.... Any and ALL help/info is greatly appreciated!!

dr.lee.baugh 12-01-2012 06:38 PM

Re: few ?'s, any and all help truly/greatly appreciated
Once you are used to it, you can feel the MDS coming on and off, but is is a pretty subtle change.

That RPM sounds about right for highway cruising.

Putting in a SWITCH to control the MDS is a big challenge. Some of the LX guys talked about it to great length and came to the conclusion it is not viable or even desirable. You can prevent the vehicle from going into 4-cyl mode by pressing the Tow/Haul button, or using a tuner, but you can't force it to be on.

There is a how-to that will pop up at the top of the list if you search this forum on how to create an MDS light which illuminates when it is active - didn't sound all that tough to install.

Many threads on how to seaform your motor - just search the forum.

4.whoa 12-02-2012 10:28 AM

Re: few ?'s, any and all help truly/greatly appreciated
^ as he said there are a few seafoam threads. I suggest cleaning your throttle body 1st, then seafoaming it and put the seafoam in through the pvc tube in the manifold (under the engine cover) to get a good even distribution to all cylinders.

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