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avalys 12-05-2012 10:26 PM

Corsa Exhaust install issue
I just got my Corsa exhaust and spent a few hours attempting to install it this afternoon. I carefully looked over all the parts and made sure they matched with the correct part numbers, and laid out the system on the floor to make sure I understood how it fit together.

After nearly dislocating my fingers removing the exhaust hangers, all seemed well, and I got the factory exhaust off without a problem.

But when I went to install the first part of the Corsa system, the tunnel muffler, I discovered Corsa had not cut the slots into the H-pipe that allow the clamp to seal it shut against the driver's side part of the tunnel muffler. The instruction manual clearly shows that a slot should be there, there simply isn't one on my system. Without the slot I can't imagine how the two pipes are supposed to seal. Since it was already late and I was getting exasperated I tried putting a clamp on it and tightening it anyway, but of course that didn't do shit. Without the slot the outer pipe has no room to close around the inner pipe.

I am going to call Corsa in the morning. But I'm making this post on the off-chance that I am simply being boneheaded and missing something obvious. Any ideas? I am referring to the joint between part numbers 5 and 6 in the Corsa install guide.

Frustratingly, the Jeep is now sitting in my garage with the factory exhaust system totally removed. I am not interested in re-installing it. I guess I will have to rent a car tomorrow. ****ing ****.

jbsp1 12-05-2012 10:52 PM

Re: Corsa Exhaust install issue
You can always grind two slots into the outer pipe. But I think that I would be calling Corsa first before I did anything. Thats such bad luck, all you want when you get a new system is to throw it straight on.....Very frustrating :mad:

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