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RochHam 12-05-2012 10:34 PM

How to replace side marker (#194 turn signal) lights
How does one get at the front side marker lights in a 2007 Grand Cherokee Laredo?

The light on the left/drivers side has burned out, and having had a 2001 WJ GC where one long bolt pops out the headlight, I figured it would not be that hard to change a bulb in our 07 WK GC. I can see access to all the main headlights and front turn signal lamps in front of the battery but see no way to access this smaller side light on the bottom of the assembly (even if I'd take out the battery it appears to be "behind the metal").

So thinking I could take out the headlight and get at the side marker, I am following these directions but the two lower screws appear to be behind the plastic bumper assembly! I stopped, figured I must be missing something and hey, this is not a critical bulb but with it out the turn signals flash real fast and my wife thinks something's wrong.

IS THERE AN EASIER WAY than taking out the entire headlamp and if not how does one get those bottom two lower screws w/o removing the bumper?!?

Kayak83 12-07-2012 02:45 PM

Re: How to replace side marker (#194 turn signal) lights
You should be able to get the the turn signal bulb without removing the bumper if i remember correctly. Although I did mine when I swapped out headlights and had the bumper removed anyway, so maybe it was a little easier that way.

If you do have to remove the bumper, it's a hassle but not really too challenging or time consuming. Maybe 15 minutes. Mostly plastic fasteners. Except for the wheel well, which has rivets that you'll need to remove and replace. I ended up just using some nuts and bolts instead of rivets since I had some on hand.

Scottina06 12-07-2012 03:27 PM

Re: How to replace side marker (#194 turn signal) lights
you can lay on the ground and reach up through the bumper to access the side marker lamp. Its tight...but VERY doable. Ive done it and many others.

synwave7 01-17-2014 06:07 PM

Re: How to replace side marker (#194 turn signal) lights
The right side (passenger side) side marker bulb burned out and it was too tight in my garage for me to get a good angle on it while underneath the vehicle so I removed the whole headlight assembly in order to replace the bulb like this....
  1. Carefully remove the 5 front grill rivets holding the front grill in place.

    NOTE: These rivets are two pieces and they are used all over the vehicle to hold pieces of the car in place, such as the front grill. These rivets are very similar to "home sheet rock wall anchors" you might use to hang heavy objects on the walls of your homes e.g. a wall shelf. They are made up of two pieces, the rivet and the middle or head of the rivet you push down into the rivet to expand it out. If your careful removing these you can reuse them to re-fasten the front grill once your done otherwise just go to your local auto parts store and by some (same size of course) for just a few dollars. It's possible to, with a pair of needle nose pliers, remove the middle or head of the rivet and then you can pull the rivet itself out easily.

  2. Then carefully remove the front grill it should just pop right off with a little TLC
  3. While looking down at the top of the headlamp assembly, screwed into the body of the vehicle, you'll see a big rubber type screw, there is one in the same place on the other side of the vehicle also, remove this big rubber screw in order to maneuver the headlamp out to the side (once you get ready to remove it that is, your not there yet.)
  4. Remove 3 screws holding the headlamp assembly in - this is a little tricky but pretty easily done there is one screw right on top, then one screw underneath the vehicle the tricky one is in front of the housing which you can only get at after removing the front grill its on bottom of the housing.

    NOTE: the above step once you remove the screw on the bottom of the housing and once your ready to remove the head light, your still not there yet - there is a TAB of sorts where you removed the screw - that is holding the headlamp housing in and the TAB has a bit of a grooved tongue holding the headlamp in place although it appears the headlamp should come right out. Carefully shimmy back and forth on the headlamp housing to get this to un-groove so you can actually get the headlamp out.

  5. Remove the (passenger side only) air filter and pop the front vent off by using a little more TLC, the thing pops right out the front of the air filter housing and pops right back in when you get back to that point
  6. Finally your ready to remove the headlamp and it actually comes out pretty easily with a little TLC.

BIG HUGE DISCLAIMER: None of the above is necessary or so it appears if you can maneuver well enough underneath your vehicle in order to get at the bulb. A simple 1/4 twist of the clip holding the bulb in place and it pops right out of the headlamp for you to remove and replace. I only realized this though once I got the headlamp out. I'm in Chicago, its the middle of winter and it's cold and snowing outside so I did all this in my one car garage which is a tight squeeze with my big ole' freakin grand cherokee parked inside so I could NOT get the right angle at the bulb to twist it out from underneath the vehicle.



AJGIII 02-10-2014 04:48 PM

Re: How to replace side marker (#194 turn signal) lights
As Scottina, Kayak, and Syn all say, removing the bumper isn't required.
I just replaced mine because my Jeep (07 GCOverland) failed the VA state inspection with burned out side marker lights. The bulb is a 2825 per my owner's manual, but a 158 and a 194 will fit. The 158 and 194 have lower wattage 3 and 3.78 vs 5 watts for the 2825. A salesperson at NAPA tried to sell me a 194, saying that was the number in the NAPA system. Be aware, that the 2825 has higher wattage, but also are long life bulbs where the 194 isn't described as such. Of course, I realize owner's manuals of other years may indicate the 194 is acceptable.

The bulb assemblies are accessible from under the car, behind the bumper and via a flap at the front of the inner fender liner (plastic). There is a plastic extension on the bulb housing that allows removal via the flab. It is a thumb and forefinger access. Jacking up the Jeep a bit--the wheel doesn't need to be off the ground--helps out a lot in providing access. Grab the extension and twist (just like Syn said).

Then, work the extension and lamp housing around to the rear in order to remove the bulb. Putting the bulb back in is a bit of a challenge one-handed, but getting two hands in isn't easy, either. Both ways are possible. Note: there isn't much play in the wiring.

If you access the bulb-housing-extension from under the Jeep, raising the Jeep, again, helps a bit, especially if you are on a crawler.

If I figure out how, I'll upload first post, so, maybe I can't.

AJGIII 02-10-2014 04:49 PM

Re: How to replace side marker (#194 turn signal) lights

AJGIII 02-10-2014 04:52 PM

Re: How to replace side marker (#194 turn signal) lights
Sorry, no msg. Unable to delete. :(

tomk 02-10-2014 05:08 PM

Re: How to replace side marker (#194 turn signal) lights
It can be done. I took half of the front end of my '07 apart to do one side, and did the other side in 5 minutes.

Warning: if you are thinking about replacing the bulb with an LED: it has to be a "non-polarized" LED. The side-marker bulb is connected between the parking-light and turn-signal circuits, so the polarity swaps depending on whether the parking lights are on or off.

Rkirk 03-06-2014 09:22 PM

Hey y'all, just replaced my side marker lights today and saw this thread afterwards. Just want to make it common knowledge that you don't have to remove anything to replace the bulbs. There's an access panel on the inner fender skirt that allows access to the bulb and socket. All that is required to gain access is to pull up on the panel to release the two points of contact that keep it latched. Once you have the hatch open you just need to reach through the hole and you'll feel the two wires leading to the side marker, grab the plastic "half pipe" shaped protrusion (it's really the handle for this exact task) and turn it counter clockwise 1/4 turn. That releases the socket and then you can pull the assembly towards the open hatch, it won't have a ton of slack in the wire but enough to get close to the hatch and allow you to replace the bulb. I use LEDs in all my sockets so naturally I replaced these with LEDs as well. Most automotive LED bulbs are polarity sensitive(some high dollar LED bulbs can go either way)so if you use LEDs for this job be sure to function test before reinstallation. The way the side marker is wired into the front turn signal will cause you to make a decision if you're installing LEDs in the side markers, by that I mean that the LEDs that I have and use can only have electricity "flow" one direction and the side marker circuit isn't a simple pos/neg feed, the "ground" is actually the positive feed of the front indicator flash circuit so when the turn signal is on it's actually breaking the ground of the side marker with every flash, causing it to flash in opposite of the front indicator. The decision you'll need to make with LEDs for side markers is this: do you want them to function when your parking lights are on or off? I always have my lights on when I drive, either parking lamps or headlights, so my decision was an easy one to make. If you install the LEDs in one polarity configuration and then test your turn signals with the lights OFF and they flash, they will NOT illuminate and flash when lights are on and vice versa. My suggestion is to have them illuminated with your parking lamps as they're more effective at night but it's your call. If you have them installed in the polarity config that they are on in conjuncture with your parking lamps, then they will flash with your turn signals and all will be well. I apologize for the long winded and likely confusing write up and explanation, feel free to ask any questions or for clarification as needed.

dls301 01-03-2016 12:50 PM

Re: How to replace side marker (#194 turn signal) lights
I'm female and I try to do this type of thing on my own first before hiring it done. THANK YOU so much for your post. I was thinking i was going to have to take my Jeep somewhere to replace this tiny light. you saved the day for me...I signed up just so i could tell you thank you. You are my first hero in 2016. :-)

AJGIII 01-04-2016 09:03 AM

Re: How to replace side marker (#194 turn signal) lights
You are most welcome!
I'm very pleased to hear my post helped you. :) :)

velocanman 04-30-2017 04:48 PM

Re: How to replace side marker (#194 turn signal) lights

Originally Posted by tomk (Post 973692)
Warning: if you are thinking about replacing the bulb with an LED: it has to be a "non-polarized" LED. The side-marker bulb is connected between the parking-light and turn-signal circuits, so the polarity swaps depending on whether the parking lights are on or off.

Just wanted to bump this old thread and say "thanks". I replaced both side markers with LEDs even though I know this can be a polarity and voltage issue. The markers worked sometimes but not others and you just explained why. Back to the store for some plain old long-life 194s.

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