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Sir Ebril 12-07-2012 01:00 PM

02' Seat Swap
Jeep Garage-

I have an 02' Grand Cherokee with electric heated seats. Naturally, the heat for the drivers seat has never worked for as long as I have owned the rig. I read somewhere that a soldering iron and some investigation will reveal the shorted wiring that is easily fixed. I hope to do this as I attempt my primary concern below >>>

My primary concern is a bit more ambitious than just the heat.

As we all have noticed -after sitting in a seat for 10 years or more the leather gets worn down, the foam padding gets sacked and the entire seating surface just looks and feels old and tired. When I look to my right I see a near perfect seat (with heat) that rarely if ever meets a passenger. I keep telling myself how nice it would be if that near new passenger seat could trade places with the worn out driver seat. So, I unbolted one seat and pulled it out then realized that the tracks are offset so an easy swap is out. Then I eyeballed the possibility of taking the seat off the tracks, that too looks fraught with similar issues -and the controls being on the wrong side etc..... On to idea #3. Remove the foam, heating elements and leather from the drivers seat and swap with the foam, still-working heating element and leather from the passenger seat? Will that work? Are there some useful shortcuts and tips that will help get the job done in one shot? Can the entire seat back assembly from one be swapped with the other or will that too need to be a foam/leather only swap? If this is possible, or if there is a better way, please enlighten me! Many Thanks!


cerberus 12-10-2012 09:42 PM

Re: 02' Seat Swap
There is a recall on some of the heated seats, you may call dealer and have the check for yours. I just had them done in my 04 overland.

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