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hitch 12-07-2012 06:03 PM

My Jeep sounds like a 4 stroke!
Last week, I was driving down the interstate when suddenly, I lost power steering. This was followed by total electrical failure (ABS, ESP, TC, etc.). The temp gauge was also through the roof. I pulled off at the nearest exit (about 7 miles later) and checked under the hood. My serpentine belt had fallen off and my transistor pulley was broken. I had both replaced and was back on the road, with everything running smoothly. The next day I started to hear a slight noise coming from the left side of my engine. It has gotten increasingly worse. At this point, the engine sounds like a 4 stroke upon start up and at high RPMs. There is alot of heat coming from the same area along with a smell of gas.

I pulled these codes today:


Can anyone tell me what this might be? I imagine an exhaust leak...? Did something crack due to the high heat during my belt issue and then cooling down?

Madanio24 12-07-2012 07:25 PM

Re: My Jeep sounds like a 4 stroke!
Lol, your engine is a 4 stroke. Codes, engine too lean, coolant temp sensor low, charging system low voltage, insufficient egr flow,

hitch 12-08-2012 05:01 AM

Re: My Jeep sounds like a 4 stroke!
i meant 2 stroke, i feel like an idiot

Madanio24 12-08-2012 03:24 PM

Re: My Jeep sounds like a 4 stroke!
Haha lol. I knew what you meant. Thats alot of codes you got, i dont even know where to start.,

lll2for3lll 12-09-2012 09:58 AM

Re: My Jeep sounds like a 4 stroke!
Have you solved this problem yet?

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