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thex2 12-11-2012 12:51 AM

Stuck in 4 Low & Service 4wd System
I went off roading the other day. One of my differentials locked and didn't unlock. I'm not sure which one as I was trying to leave in a hurry and didn't have time to diagnose but it felt like the front one (the vehicle was struggling pretty bad around turns).

As I was exiting, I was attempting to disengage 4 Low. I was rolling forward at about 2mph in neutral and pulled the shifter up... Nothing happened. I tried again and held it for 5+ seconds... Again, nothing happened. Tried it rolling in reverse at 2mph and nothing happened. Tried one last time rolling forward and it still wouldn't disengage. I then turned the vehicle off and flipped the ignition 25+ times in attempt to reset the computer. Upon restarting the vehicle, I rolled forward in neutral at about 2mph and it finally disengaged 4 low, unlocked the differential and stopped displaying the Server 4wd System LED.

I'm worried that if I go back into 4 low that this will happen again and I may not be so lucky for it to go back into high gear. Anybody else had any issues with this? Anybody have any ideas on what the problem is or even better, what a preventative solution would be? Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Bikemobile 12-11-2012 08:14 AM

Re: Stuck in 4 Low & Service 4wd System
Have you tried going into/ out of 4lo while stopped?

Madanio24 12-11-2012 08:44 AM

Re: Stuck in 4 Low & Service 4wd System
why were you moving when engaging 4wd drive low? aren't you supposed to be stopped?

dr.lee.baugh 12-11-2012 11:50 AM

Re: Stuck in 4 Low & Service 4wd System
Ideally, you want to be rolling slowly forward to engage/disengage 4-Low, as this helps to synchronize the gears (as the OP was doing).

It is possible to engage and disengage while stationary, although this is usually a little bit louder and you may have to attempt it a couple of times before it takes.

If it threw the Service 4WD message, I would take it to be scanned and see if that provides any insight into why you couldn't disengage.

I would be hesitant to put it back into 4WD-Low without knowing what caused it, as you say, you don't want it to get stuck and not able to go back into high.

thex2 12-12-2012 12:14 AM

Re: Stuck in 4 Low & Service 4wd System
Roger that dr.lee.baugh. I was hoping this was a common problem but since it doesn't appear to be, I'll do as you said and bring it by to see if they can pull the code off of it. Thanks for the help. I'll post back with updates.

thex2 12-12-2012 08:10 PM

Re: Stuck in 4 Low & Service 4wd System
C1413. They said that message is for a faulty 4WD low switch. I don't think it was that though because the differential was locked. I'd imagine something mechanical got stuck and I was just lucky it got unstuck. Anybody know what would get stuck mechanically that could have caused my problem? The reason I'm asking is because if it's a fluid I can change or a motor I can replace, I'd gladly do it. I hate being in suspense on whether it'll ever happen again.

dr.lee.baugh 12-13-2012 08:30 AM

Re: Stuck in 4 Low & Service 4wd System
C1413 is for the hi/lo switch being stuck. This could certainly prevent the TC from shifting properly.

It is likely a problem with the switch circuit, the switch itself, or the final drive control module.

To pinpoint where the problem is, all of the wiring is going to have to be checked and voltages mapped out to see what exactly is going on.

Depending on your electrical expertise, this may require a trip to a shop...

thex2 03-09-2013 12:29 AM

Re: Stuck in 4 Low & Service 4wd System
I brought my vehicle in for a tune-up and the mechanic found a whole bunch of stuff that was giving me problems. I don't know which of the below fixed the problem with my stuck in 4wd issue, but one of them definitely did it in case anybody else runs across this in the future. My mechanic said something about a non-mopar filter that was used that caused the problem of some gear grinding down which caused my shifting from PRND to be rough and also caused my front differential to lock up.

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