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Slvr02Laredo 12-13-2012 09:38 PM

Question on wheel offset
I'm looking at a new set of wheels. They are 16x8.5 and come in a -6mm offset and 18mm offset. I've read a lot about offset and backspacing but I'm still dumb about the topic.
I don't have a lift and ill be keeping the rim and tire diameter the same as what it is now. The only thing I want to look different is how the wheels are sucked inside the fender. I want it to be flush with the fender or maybe 1-2" past the fender, not too far past. Which is the offset that I need to get this look?

And I'm guessing I won't have any rubbing issues since I'm keeping the tire diameter the same right? I'm not sure with the whole offset thing!!

Thanks for any help!!!

harkinsc 12-14-2012 10:24 AM

Re: Question on wheel offset
Stock WJ wheels according to

Offset: +50.8 mm offset (2.0" outward)
Backspacing: 6.00" (16" x 7" wheels) and 6.25" (17" x 7.5" wheels)

The wheels you're looking at are already 1" greater in width than a stock 7.5" wheel. Wider wheels typically means wider tires, so fender rub could potentially be an issue. Since you're maintaining the stock aspect ratio on your tires it probably wont be an issue. If you assumed the same backspacing (50.8mm), you would already be pushed out (and in) 0.5".

Difference in offset: 50.8mm - 18mm = 32.8mm / 25.4 (mm/in) = 1.29" + 0.5" = +1.79" outward from stock 7.5" wide wheel

Difference in offset: 50.8mm - (-6mm) = 56.8mm / 25.4 (mm/in) = 2.236" + 0.5" = +2.736" outward from stock 7.5" wide wheel

If you have the 16" x 7" wheels, add 0.25" to those calculations above.


cheapjeep 12-14-2012 09:50 PM

Re: Question on wheel offset
You need to find something closer to the stock offset. Either of those are gonna stick way too far out past your fenders. These are 8" rims with a 30 mm offset and 5.66" backspacing.

Slvr02Laredo 12-15-2012 01:00 AM

Re: Question on wheel offset
Awesome thanks for all the info guys and the pics help too.
Thanks again!!

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