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tfranzone 12-14-2012 11:59 AM

Help me decide please!
so I have an 08 4.7L. I currently have a daystar 2" BB in with stock struts and shocks.. right after the winter, I would like to upgrade my shocks and struts.. I've thought about it and I know the OME is best for the lift, but I dont do serious crawling or anything.. just minor trails and I dont have the cash to drop on it. SO, I've decided on either Bilsteins all around or Bilsteins up front and MLL 643s in the rear is the best way for me to go.

I really need help deciding, input on performance and stance pics would be extremely helpful. I want to do the MLLs in the rear bc the extra lift is nice... but here is my main concerns.. 1. I dont tow (even though i have a "tow/haul" button on my dash.. I dont have a bumper with a tow hitch..its how its came..confused about that) but I digress, 2. I love the lift you get from them but im currently at 21" all around and I dont want to end up with too much rake.

I know some people who also run a 4.7L such as Jrevnick run the Mlls with thier 2" BB and they look level, which is awesome ( i dont know if his being "rocky mountain edition" has anything to do with it).. and I know it varies bc of each WKs suspension being a little different in terms of wear.. hence why others can sometimes get 1" of rake with them (which I dislike)... I know the Bilsteins up front will boost me a little but will it be enough to compensate for the MLLs?? do you think I'll be pretty close to even looking.. will the Bilsteins all around make the rear look saggy? I keep a few things in my trunk at all times.. nothing real heavy but theres stuff in there..(some ropes.. box of car related odds n ends, a tent, a sleeping bad, a camping hammock). but like I mentioned.. I don't tow ever.

I would like to be 22" all around ideally.. a quarter inch of rake wont kill me though.
please help me decide

tfranzone 12-17-2012 04:26 PM

Re: Help me decide please!
no input? i know people run the Bilsteins all around and others do the F-150 MLLs.. with 2" BBs

anyone have any advice on this?

antsjeep 12-17-2012 07:46 PM

Re: Help me decide please!
Well i've had the RC lift paired with bilsteins front/rear for over a year now and absolutely love the ride. However the rear did start to sag slightly, give or take a 1/2". It was enough to really start bothering me.

So after reading alot about peoples experiences with the LL's I decided to pull the trigger and get a pair. I went with the WK versions (part# 58646) because i wanted to avoid the raked look and the stiffer spring rate. After the install i gained that 1/2" + back and she sits perfect IMHO. As far as the ride goes, they def stiffened things up a bit compared to the Bilsteins, but its in a good way. My cornering improved and going over bumps/pot holes is almost a night and day difference.... I was pleasanlty suprised :D

As far as price... i got mine for $90 out the door from my local Advance Auto. I used a promo code (retmenot124) at checkout which saved me $40!

Hope this helps!

tfranzone 12-18-2012 12:07 PM

Re: Help me decide please!
thanks a lot! judging from youe experience it seems like the 646 MLLs will still give a 1/2" of lift.. which would be great in giving too much rake.. I will definitely look into the 646s and see if anyone else has had any experience comparing the 643s and 646s in the rear.

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