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rejekted rekoning 12-15-2012 12:45 PM

thinking of adding a tow package on my jeep. any help appreciated
i have an 07 cherokee laredo and i want to add a tow package to it. i looked on ebay for a class 3 receiver and came across something that looks like it bolts to the back bumper support frame or something. now, is that a solid towing system? i have a 74 el camino i'm in the process of restoring and will be pulling a large car trailer with that heavy vehicle on it. also, it seems the ones with the tow package have a bumper cover cutout. since mine doesn't, is it safe to assume that i need a new bumper cover with the cutout?

or am i able to bypass this whole mess and buy an aftermarket receiver that mounts to the frame like most vehicles ive seen?

antsjeep 12-15-2012 03:03 PM

Re: thinking of adding a tow package on my jeep. any help appreciated
It all depends on which hitch style you like on your jeep. Most people go with the OEM hitch and cut their stock bumper. The template and everything you need is included in the OE kit from Jeep. Whats nice about the OE kit is that there is a spot next to the hitch that accepts a 7wire plug and keeps everything nice and clean looking. With an aftermarket hitch (Curt, Drawtite, Hidden Hitch, etc..) the wire harness would just hang below the bumper next to the hitch.

I chose to buy the curt hitch that hangs below the bumper. Got it for $80 shipped brand new off ebay last yr. Mind you I only use mine for light hauling with my cargo carrier (camping trips, snowblower in the winter, tailgating, etc...) and or my bike rack in the spring summer months. I do however have a light kit to be installed for my cargo carrier and plan on hiding the vehicle side 4wire plug up behind the stock bumper out of site and i will make the leads off the carrier long enough to reach behind the bumper. For the amount of times i will actually use this i dont mind the hassel of reaching up to connect the harness.

My Curt hitch only has a 5,000lb rating/500lb tounge weight VS the OEM hitch with a 7,400lb rating with 750lb tounge weight. So I think going OEM would be your best bet being that you plan on towing a car + trailer. I hope this helps!

Checkout Just For Jeeps for more info, pics and specs of the OEM hitch:

rejekted rekoning 12-19-2012 09:39 AM

Re: thinking of adding a tow package on my jeep. any help appreciated
definitely a big help. thank you! now to price oem towing packages.

Knightrider03m 12-19-2012 10:06 AM

Aftermarket hitches seem to hang too low and seem to look out of place. OEM is much better and hangs closer to the body.

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