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SierraNV 12-18-2012 08:06 AM

Cargo cover handle
Does anyone know if the handle for the cargo area cover is an available part for purchase? I have searched and it doesn't appear to be a separate piece that can be purchased but it can clearly be removed and replaced.

tfranzone 12-18-2012 05:08 PM

Re: Cargo cover handle
hmm.. seems odd that the handle of that would come off unless you just straight up accidentally broke it. which in that case..

Cargo Area Security Cover - Jeep Grand Cherokee - Item # 82209392, 82209393, 82209394 & 5HS38XDVAA

SierraNV 12-19-2012 09:41 PM

Re: Cargo cover handle
Not sure how it happened. But if you look on the bottom side of the handle, you will see twoi screw points. These screw wells both cracked allowing the handle to pull away from the tarp. Was hoping to just replace the handle and not have to buy a whole new cover. Doesn't look like that will be an option.

tfranzone 12-20-2012 01:03 PM

Re: Cargo cover handle
yea. unless you can just look around on craiglist and or find one somewhere cheap, looks like youll have to pay up for a new one. if it makes you feel any better, I havent had a cargo cover in my WK since I've owned it for 15 months now. you could always just go without one.. unless you find it necessary for some reason.

4.7ho 12-22-2012 07:35 PM

Re: Cargo cover handle
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Mine handle broke at those exact same points. To fix it all I did was use a dab of PVC cement that I had left over from a plumbing project on each of the locating pins inside of the handle and clamp it back together after realigning it back on the cargo cover. So far it hasn't came apart again even with the Florida heat.

chrisrivera9 03-17-2013 08:38 PM

Re: Cargo cover handle
My handle broke because apperently there are a bunch of small hooks on the inside of the handle that keep the two pieces together and they all broke, and also there seems to be one black rubber piece missing. Any ideas on how to solve that?

antsjeep 03-17-2013 09:15 PM

Re: Cargo cover handle
Use some two part epoxy. Done.

S400SPY 06-30-2013 06:21 AM

Re: Cargo cover handle
Mine broke in an identical manner... when 2 days old... clearly a design failing !

jacko15 09-08-2016 11:01 PM

Re: Cargo cover handle
Waking up this old thread because the handle on my '14 JGC cargo cover is broken. Anyone find replacement handles so I don't have to replace the cover? I use it all the time, so I'd like to repair the handle by replacing it. Sorry for putting this in the WK, instead of WK2 forum.

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