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BobT 12-23-2012 06:37 AM

WK2 Wheel Specs
I've been toying with the idea of fitting a camper trailer with the same wheels and track as the WK2 so I've had to track down the exact wheel specifications which surprisingly is not that easy to find. You may benefit from what I've been able to glean. My reason for doing this is nothing to do with aesthetics just practicality in the number of spares that need to be carried. With older LandCruisers and Patrols it is easy. There are stacks of after market wheels for them but not so for the Jeep. One might think the Jeep's wheels are deliberately exotic to frustrate the after market suppiers. In fact they are not exitic, just current technology. They are actually remarkably similar to the current LandCruiser 200 series. Here is a table comparing the two:

___________________ Jeep_____________ LC 200
Wheel:_____________ 20-18x8"__________ 17x8"
Stud pattern:________ 5x127mm_________ 5x150mm
Offset:_____________ +56.4mm_________ +60mm
Hub Bore Diameter:___ 71.5mm__________ 110.1mm
Studs:_____________ 1/2"x20___________ M14x1.5
Hub centric:_________ Yes______________ ?

The offsets are near enough equal. Both have 5 studs. The Jeep's Bolt Circle Diameter is 127mm (5") whereas the LC has 150mm(~6"). The Jeep has 1/2" dia studs (12.7mm) as against the LC's 14mm studs. With the larger bolt circle diameter and the heavier studs, the LC's hub strength is considersbly greater than that of the Jeep. But then the LC has an additional 305kg to bounce around. It is 13% heavier than the Jeep.

Matty470 12-23-2012 06:06 PM

Re: WK2 Wheel Specs
That's brilliant Bob.
I have been toying with the idea of a 2nd set with some AT's on for when I actually go offroad. If I can't find a cheap 2nd hand set there is a wheel manufacturer not far from me who may be able to make some using those specs.


BobT 12-23-2012 08:33 PM

Re: WK2 Wheel Specs
Did you see that Mopar Australia are now selling off-road wheels at their usual exorbitant prices . I'm sure you could import them cheaper. There is a catch. They have described them as "off-road look" wheels. I think "look" is a weasel word for "fake" so I'm not confident they are any better.

Matty470 12-23-2012 08:54 PM

Re: WK2 Wheel Specs
I didn't see that but considering they are on JustforJeeps at $247 each, they have to be kidding themselves don't they.
18" Black Cast Aluminum Wheels - Jeep Grand Cherokee - Item # 82212154

GMWK2 12-23-2012 11:52 PM

Re: WK2 Wheel Specs

Id like to get a new box trailer, but finding one with a suitable hub to take WK2 wheels is proving impossible.

LC, Patrol, falcon or holden (imperial) only it seems.

Is there a coverter / spacer available for the studs?

savvas 12-24-2012 12:52 AM

Re: WK2 Wheel Specs
Some trailer parts places can custom drill a blank hub to suit the jeep pattern. A trailer builder should be able to arrange this.

BobT 12-24-2012 01:13 AM

Re: WK2 Wheel Specs

Originally Posted by GMWK2 (Post 728353)

Id like to get a new box trailer, but finding one with a suitable hub to take WK2 wheels is proving impossible.

LC, Patrol, falcon or holden (imperial) only it seems.

Is there a coverter / spacer available for the studs?

Don't know about the converter/spacer. Here is a US site that has trailer hubs with the right stud pattern at least Dexter;Quality;5on5;5 on 5; bolt pattern; 3500#; axle; hub; brake hub . I have Kimberley Kampers looking into it for me. They feel fairly confident they can come up with something even if it means some machining of hubs. I might have an answer when everyone is back on deck after the silly season. I don't expect it to be cheap and I may have to import the wheels myself. The cheapest I've found for OEM 18" wheels is $188.10USD each plus freight from Repair Parts: . The freight would be at least double then there is the cap and wheel nuts.

allypally 12-24-2012 01:40 AM

Re: WK2 Wheel Specs
I think there are several after market wheel manufacturers which sell their wheels without the stud holes drilled. They only setup the stud holes when the wheel is being ordered.
The problem, as I see it, therefore is not the wheel, but the hubs. If you can get blank hubs, in the same manner as the wheels, it should not be hard to match them all up.

John47 12-24-2012 05:55 PM

Re: WK2 Wheel Specs
While I'm waiting for the grandkids to get organised for Skpe and opening presents I thought I would pop in.....Merry Christmas to all (the Jeep got a new air cleaner and cabin filter!)

Bob you could try Melbourne Axle Untitled Document

Our off road van setup uses heavy duty hubs with 12" brake drums that fit over the hubs and studs - this is pretty standard with off roaders.

I used this company about 2 years ago to supply replacement 12" brake drums and backing plates with brake shoes, part of preparation at the time for a Gibb River road trip. I also purchased studs as spares..... - found the phone contact, service, price, quality of bits, and delivery of my order all excellent.

As they have their own workshop and do a lot of their own machining likely they will be able to help with supply of hubs to suit your camper axle. The brake drums would then be drilled to suit the hub stud pcd.

I would assume you would have your parts supplied to the camper trailer mob before delivery so the bespoke cost would be offset against their standard items. The outcome shouldn't be too bad if your camper supplier does the right thing.

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