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kaflyboy 01-04-2013 05:42 PM

Problems with 730
My wife and I took a 6 hour (one way) road trip this week. We bought a book on tape on my ipad. About a week prior to the trip I synced my ipad to Bluetooth on 730. For some reason (even with ipad not present) the 730 would choose that as a default device. I made sure it was set as priority 2, not 1. iPhone was 1.
To prevent this from happening I deleted the pairing. I thought I would just re-sync when I got ready for our trip.
The 730 would not see the ipad Bluetooth after it was deleted so I could not pair the devise. Ok, not ideal so we just used the USB cable. Another problem with that connection. Plug it in and you loose all ipad control as all play, fast forward, etc. now goes to the 730. The 730 interface sucks.
Ok, I'll get over that part. Unplug the ipad from USB then plug it back in. From there the audio comes out of the ipad not 730. Had to turn off ipad and turn it back on to get audio out of speakers.

So I'm not happy at all with the plug in interface. Hopefully someone can tell me how to pair the ipad with the 730 Bluetooth so I don't have to mess with the USB interface.

ColdCase 01-04-2013 07:15 PM

Re: Problems with 730
I think you need to delete the device on both ends, iPad and 730N and then start over with sparring... err... pairing. I have an older iPad and there have been times where it was out of sync with the 730N and never played right. I had to reset the iPad and eventually, seemed by magic, the two synced up to played well together for months.

My older iPod touch works flawlessly most of the time when connected via USB, but there have been times where I've had to disconnect the cable to make the connection work.

Seems to be the only way to prevent all these control conflicts is old school, use a audio cable to connect the iDevice audio out to the aux port on the radio. All control remains with the iDevice and there is no USB or BlueTooth syncing conflicts.

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