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Scottina06 06-12-2009 09:11 PM

The complete (05-10) WK Grand Cherokee suspension thread
This is here I go. Please anyone make any additions I forget and I'll add them to the list

Performance shocks and struts

--There are two types of Bilsteins that fit the WK platform

1. WK HD Bilsteins(aftermarket)-strut part #Manufacturer Part #: F4-BE5-D721-H0
shock-Manufacturer Part #: F4-BE5-D722-H0 these are Bilsteins aftermarket replacement shock and strut for the Wk. They fit all WK models and are under $300 for all 4. These IMO are an awesome addition to any WK. Handling is crisp, less "floaty" feel and less bounce when going over bumps etc. Excellent replacement for the stocks struts/shocks! FYI-these will raise your Jeep WK 3/8th's of an inch all around---

2. Jeep SRT Bilsteins(oem)-These are the OEM shocks/struts from the awesome Jeep SRT8. They are tuned specifically for the WK platform SRT8. The SRT Bilsteins can only be purchased from an authorized Mopar/Jeep dealer or your local Jeep dealer. These are by far the best shocks and struts for the WK period. These will totally transform a stock WK. I do highly recommend you do not use these with your stock WK springs. Go aftermarket or get the oem Jeep SRT springs. These are a direct bolt on for any WK. Expect to pay upwards of $700 for all four
SRT* OEM Bilsteins part #'s-
5175959AC (2) & 5290641AC (2)

Koni shocks and struts
New to the US market and available in Europe

part #'s
FSD-(frequency selective damping) 2100-4108-sports performance
Heavy Track(offroading)--8240-1264 & 8240-1265

Stage 6 QA1 rear shocks
18 way adjustable rear shocks. Perfect for extreme drop springs like the Bwoody springs. Adjustments 0-5 are perfect for family driving. 6-9 for semi-aggressive driving. 10-13 for aggressive driving. 14-18 for track and 1/4 mile drags.
My personal review

offroad shocks and struts

Old Man Emu shocks (0"-2.0" lifts):
Radflo coilover shocks (0"-3.0" lifts):
King coilover shocks (0"-3.0" lift):
KYB, Monroe, Rancho, Bilstein shocks (0" lifts):


There are 7 spring sets available to all US WK's-stock OEM Jeep SRT,WK Eibachs, SRT Jeep Eibachs, H&R ,Bwoody and Roadmagnets's 1 and 2's(edit-I just received info that groundforce makes springs for the WK. As soon as I find someone that has them..I will get their review)

OEM Jeep SRT springs The oem Jeep SRT springs are a direct fit for a stock WK suspension. No modifcations or extra parts are needed. The approx. drop will depend on what struts and shocks you have. But on stock shocks/struts...look for a 1.25-1.5" drop on average. You can subtract approx. 3/8" with the WK Bilsteins. The SRT springs are an excellent upgrade for someone looking for a nice drop and wexcellent handling. I suggest the WK Bilsteins to go along with the SRT springs...but they are not needed. OEM SRT springs can be found used from SRT owners who have dropped their SRT's on Bwoodys or SRT Eibachs. SRT springs can also be purchased at any Jeep/Mopar parts dealer.

WK Eibachs-(Manufacturer Part #: 2839.540)
Eibachs give a stock WK on stocks shocks and struts a 1.5" drop in the front and a 1.70 drop in the rear. If you add the WK can expect to see 3/8" less than that.
The Eibachs will totally transform your WK...even on stock shocks and struts. The handling is crisp and some of the bouncyness and body roll are gone.
Expect to pay upwards of $250 for Eibachs

Eibach alignment kit-Manufacturer Part #: 5.23410K-about $150 I never used this and my WK aligns perfect. But with this kit you can adjust front camber +/- 1.50

SRT8 Jeep Eibachs(Manufacturer Part #: 2892.540) The SRT Jeep Eibachs look to be a total fail for the SRT8 Jeep. Many SRT8 Jeep owners have dumped the SRT Eibachs because they are bouncy and bottom out very easy. The SRT Eibachs will work on the WK non SRT as well. But I would assume the same problems on the WK non-SRT. UPDATE-there is a fix that Eibach now includes with all NEW SRT Eibachs. You can also fix them with a set of Energy suspension bumpstops trimmed and installed.

Expect the same results as the WK Eibachs and very similar drop numbers!

Bwoodys springs(Jeep SRT8)
Bwoody springs are manufactured by RoadMagnet springs USA. They are made for the Jeep SRT8...but fit the WK without any modifications. They are an extreme drop spring due to the high pressure gas shocks/struts the Jeep SRT8 uses. Although they do work on the WK non-SRT. I do not recommend them. That is only my opinion as a few have installed these on stock WK shocks and struts. These lower the stock SRT 2" and the stock WK about 2.5-3" I do not recommend them on a stock WK suspension because they compress the stock shocks and struts too close to the bumpstops. If you want the SRT Bwoodys I highly recommend the SRT Bilsteins or WK Bilsteins! Expect to pay $370 for the Bwoody springs. You can also have them powdercoated just about any color...but I find the powdercoating to be subpar at best.

EDIT-if you buy Bwoody springs...make sure you get the upgraded bumpstops and modify them as shown in the directions.

Roadmagnet version 1 and 2

Version 1 is the exact same springs as the Bwoody springs. Version 2 is not as an extreme drop as ver 1. in the rear. They give the SRT8 Jeep its stock rake back. The fronts are the same drop as the ver.1 and bwoodys...but the rear drop is less.

Offroad springs

Old Man Emu:
ARB (OME) 2" Lift Springs:


SRT8 Jeep Sway bars-front and rear

fronts-the SRT front swaybar fits the WK with no modifications. Do not order the front SRT sway bar with the triagular mounts. That will save you over $200. They are not needed on the WK non-SRT. This bar tremedously reduced front sway and is an excellent handling upgrade. Expect to pay close to $130 for the bar, bushings and bracket.
Front Sway Bar - Item # 52090154AG
2 Bushings - Item # 52090155AH

rear-Probably the best upgrade you can make for the handling on a nonSRT WK. These are also a direct fit on all WK's. No modifications needed. Expect to pay $100 and up for the rear SRT sway bar. The SRT endlinks are not necessary on the nonSRT WK.
Rear Sway Bar - Item # 52124303AA
2 Bushings - Item # 52124302AC
2 sway bar mounting brackets-52090271AB

Addco sway bars-The Addcos sways are the thickest swaybars made for the WK platform. Although the ADDCO sways are a direct fit to all WK's...even the SRT's.....some have found the fit to be subpar. The brackets and bushings seem cheap as well. So if you go with the Addcos...use the stock or SRT brackets and bushings. Awesome handling upgrade for any WK. Expect to pay over $130 each for the Addco's.

front torque specs
2. Install the lower link bolt (6) and tighten to 115 Nm (85 ft. lbs.)
3. Install the upper link bolt/nut (1&2) and tighten to 108 Nm (80 ft. lbs.).

rear torque specs

1. Install the upper bolt for the stabilizer link to the frame and tighten to 102 Nm (75 ft. lbs.).
3. Install the nut and tighten to 122Nm (90 ft. lbs.).
(thanks to robpp)

Bwoody swaylinks

manufactured for Bwoody Performance for the SRT8 Jeep. These only work for the SRT8 Jeep...unless you have the SRT suspension on your WK. Excellent upgrade over the very thin SRT sway links. Expect to pay upwards of $200 for these and they are available in most colors...although the powdercoating seems to be subpar.

Bwoody Non-SRT sway links New from Bwoody Performance and a exclusive item is the Bwoody non-SRT sway links. These links were specially designed by Bwoody Performance for the nonSRT WK Jeeps. These sway links fit all WK Jeeps from the Laredo to the Overland and all engine sizes.

The Bwoody sways can also be used on lifted WK models and are also available by special order in different lengths for lifted WK models. PM mikeAbwoody to order at special prices.

Ksport coilovers
coilover suspension systems for the WK and SRT Jeep. Price is approx. $1400 for the first 10 buyers. These will include front coilovers and coilover rears. The adjustability will be +-3".
update-these coilover turned out to be an almost failure. They do sell the kits....but they do not have the adjustability desired by the WK/SRT suspension crowd.

coming soon-BC Coilover by Black Ops
more info soon

spiker01 06-12-2009 09:32 PM

Re: The complete WK suspension thread
hey scott, any other mods necessary when installing the eibachs on stock wk shocks/struts? eibach website says you need something to help with alignment. did you add this to yours?

Scottina06 06-12-2009 09:34 PM

Re: The complete WK suspension thread dont need the alignment kit. I've had the eibachs on for over a year with no problems. But you should get an alignment after any suspension mod---

08Hemi 06-12-2009 09:50 PM

Re: The complete WK suspension thread
Scott you are the man! This is all of the research I looked for in one post. Everything you say is accurate re: wk replacement Bilsteins and rear SRT8 sway. So far I am very pleased and will hold off on the front sway and eibach springs. I def noticed an increase in height on my truck with the rears on, and now that I have the fronts the truck leveled off and gave it a nice stance. Thanks for your help bro

Scottina06 06-12-2009 09:52 PM

Re: The complete WK suspension thread
not a problem. We are all here to help each other

spiker01 06-12-2009 09:55 PM

Re: The complete WK suspension thread
great to know, that will save a few bucks. thanx

Scottina06 06-13-2009 07:12 PM

Re: The complete (05-09) WK Grand Cherokee suspension thread
I just listed retail pricing. there are vendors offering them cheaper

macmac 06-13-2009 07:55 PM

Re: The complete (05-09) WK Grand Cherokee suspension thread
Bilstein SRT8 Shocks, and Bwoodys Springs..... = amazing look and ride....

Scottina06 06-13-2009 08:02 PM

Re: The complete (05-09) WK Grand Cherokee suspension thread
I have this same setup Macmac....I really like the look and ride on my WK too!

Bigdiesel74 06-14-2009 10:53 AM

Re: The complete (05-09) WK Grand Cherokee suspension thread
scott you have bwoody springs? must have missed that since i just found this place a few days ago....

Scottina06 06-14-2009 12:26 PM

Re: The complete (05-09) WK Grand Cherokee suspension thread
yes....just got them in...they look awesome

Bigdiesel74 06-14-2009 02:48 PM

Re: The complete (05-09) WK Grand Cherokee suspension thread
lets see some pics...

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