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turbospartan 01-07-2013 01:19 PM

Passenger Side Mirror - Replacement
So unfortunately I was in a hurry this weekend and caught the corner of my passenger side mirror on the garage, which cracked / chipped the housing.

The painted part is still fine, it is the plastic part underneath the painted part which broke.

Question is, do I need to replace the whole housing? If so, where is the best place to buy the housing?

I've seen it on PartsGeek, RockAuto, eBay, etc... what is the best place to buy?

This look like the right one?: 2011-2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Mirror - Body Mechanical & Trim - Action Crash, Right - Passenger Side 11-13 Grand Cherokee Mirror - 96701-04055382 - PartsGeek

I have a 2012 Altitude V6 4x4. Thanks in advance for any help.

turbospartan 01-08-2013 10:55 AM

Re: Passenger Side Mirror - Replacement
Looking for any help here... Even let me know where YOU would buy parts from? Go directly to the dealer? PartsGeek? Some other Jeep parts website?

Anyone have an instruction manual / write up for how to remove the side mirrors?

Justal13 01-08-2013 11:04 AM

Re: Passenger Side Mirror - Replacement
I prefer OEM but:

Aftermarket New: 11 12 Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Heated Mirror Passenger Side Right RH New | eBay

OEM Used: None listed currently on eBay, so you have to check every day or so. Check with your dealer and ask for a discount. Check with your insurance company to see if you have 100% vandal comprehensive coverage - it was broken while parked at the mall, right?

I have purchased aftermarket parts from this vendor before, their quality is more than acceptable. Transfer your painted mirror cover to the replacement mirror, best luck.

What does comprehensive coverage do?

Comprehensive insurance (COMP, Other Than Collision, OTC) covers your insured vehicle for physical damage losses resulting from incidents other than collision. This normally includes coverage for:
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Glass damage (such as a broken windshield)
  • Damage sustained from hitting an animal or bird
  • Damage from falling objects or missiles
  • Fire
  • Floodwaters
  • Damage sustained due to severe weather or natural disaster -- such as wind storm, hail, hurricane, tornado, etc.
Comprehensive is also known as “other than collision” coverage because as the list above shows, it pays for incidents that weren’t the result of your vehicle being in a collision.

turbospartan 01-10-2013 01:21 PM

Re: Passenger Side Mirror - Replacement
Thanks for the reply. Don't think I'm going to go with insurance as I don't want there to be a chance for my rates to go up if I claim something.

Looks like I'll just try to find the piece somewhere else... would like a genuine OEM part so that it matches the other side though.

nathantw 01-10-2013 03:40 PM

Re: Passenger Side Mirror - Replacement

Originally Posted by turbospartan (Post 733798)
So unfortunately I was in a hurry this weekend and caught the corner of my passenger side mirror on the garage, which cracked / chipped the housing.

Sorry to hear that happened. When someone bashed my driver side mirror with probably a bat or skateboard I went to a local repair place that only uses Mopar parts to see how much it would cost to replace. It was about $450 for the part alone. Not sure how much labor was. Since, in my case, epoxy would fix the damage I went that route.

Hope that helps a little.

Justal13 01-10-2013 03:47 PM

Re: Passenger Side Mirror - Replacement
Insurance companies cannot increase your rates for a Comprehensive claim in most states. Rates can only go up for at-fault Collision claims (unless you are in a no-fault state).

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