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DAVY27 01-07-2013 04:01 PM

American Muffler @ Westbury
I went to this shop to get my rear SRT exhaust installed and i spoke with Al(?) who was going to work on the jeep. We chatted a bit and he was very knowledgeable in performing the work. He said he have done a few conversions on regular grand cherokees and work on a '12 WK2 SRT. My mind was at ease at that point, thinking when it's all and done, i will have finished my SRT clone.

When they were done, he told me he broke an O2 sensor, i wanted the shop to knock down some of the labor cost but went against it, thinking ill buy 1 and install and be done wit it. AND they didnt check for any leaks after they were done, i went to 2 diff shops and they said they always turn on the vehicle and check their work. Lazy.

After an OEM o2 sensor i got an engine light, P2098. One of the causes was a possible exhaust leak. I KNEW that was the cause of it. On 2 mornings, i would fire up the jeep, stuff 2 rags in the pipe and i saw smoke coming around the 02 sensor pipe area in which they re-welded. I went to them 2 times and each time they claim it's "done".

I took it to a family mechanic and had the jeep on a lift and we checked for leaks. We focused on the o2 sensor pipe and didnt find much at first. We did find some tiny pinhole which could be it but i knew there got to be a much bigger leak. We then used a dentist concave mirror and looked all around the pipe and BAM, an area of the pipe was NOT welded. Idk how they can miss it or just lazy ass work, or didnt have the proper welding material to weld that area.

BUT.....i will give credit that they did weld most of the parts beautifully. Even my mechanic said pretty darn good job except that part they missed. I HATE writing this because i was hoping i can give these guys a good review, and return to them in the future to get exhaust work done. The boss upfront, Mitch and the mechanic Al seemed like decent guys, they werent rude to me or anything, and we chatted a bit bout my rig.

I got that part welded by another shop and i started the jeep 3 times, without the light popping up again. I hope that was the fix.

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