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volotage 01-12-2013 07:50 AM

MY12 Jeep Experience after 13000km
Ok, so thought I might make a new thread highlighting my experience so far with Jeep moving from the initial order thought to collecting the vehicle and current use.
Picking the Jeep:
Ok. so the first thing logically is deciding the vehicle. I am a rather simple man but at the same token I know how to do some research on a subject before I commit to it. so after many years of owning the same 1996 Commodore I decided it was time to upgrade. I wanted a 4WD so I could go offroad, carry more stuff and havr the ability to tow big things (even though I have nothing to tow atm). After sorting my budget, and doing my initial homework on 4wd's I was leading towards a getting a dual cab ute or toyota Prado (At this stage I didnt even know the Jeep Grand Cherokee existed).
I went to numerous car dealers and test drove and gathered information on all the vehicles I had on my short list. I got very frustrated with the price of toyota, both the hilux and the prado because I felt the my 1996 Commodore (equipe- a 40k car in its day) had just as many of the comforts that toyota were offering.
I was torn. I didnt want to spend over 55k but I couldnt justify spending a cent on the toyota which seemed WAY to over priced for what you got... So i ended up sitting on it. I continued to read reviews, look up other vehicles which somehow led me tot he jeep grand cherokee. I found this website and read all I could and felt the jeep was the option for me.. I took the jeep for a test drive and was in love..
After all the homework and all the test drives I was convinced the JGC was for me. The price was right, the value for money was right, the feel was right. I went in the Jeep dealer in Canberra and off the bt I was less than impressed.
The first salesman I sat down with was an out right nob. he offered no information to me on the JGC was not willing to discuss a price and let me walk away without even an attempt at talking about the price. was less than impressed. The next weekend, went back to the dealer, making sure I saw another salesman who this time was more than happy to talk about the price and play the game of salesman anf customer...
after about 2 hrs I had manage to get in my opinion, a good deal. we agreed on a CRD with quadralift and offroad adventure pack for $53000. was very happy anf more than comfortable to wait the 4 months expected delivery. signed the contract an so the wait began...
The wait......
The wait was and has been the hardest part of the whole jeep experience. I tracked the order through this website which was both a blessing and a cures.. I saw the status change one the vehicle was built and then for weeks I saw no change. My order must have been one of the last 2012 and I started to see MY13 vehicles change status before mine did. I did what I could to find out what the delay was with no luck and expressed my concern to the dealer a number of times. The dealer maintained that my jeep was on track an due for delivery on the agreed date... the weeks went by and I got more concerned when the status didnt change. Again I contacted the dealer and was told my jeep was actually on a ship and was due to arrive in Aus within the week. I knew this to be incorrect from the tracking on this site and tryed to contain my rage.. two days later I got the call from the dealer informing me that I was right an my jeep was not on the ship. They could not give me an ETA an offered to cancel my order. I still wanted the jeep and was starting to need a new car as my commodore was not in a happy place. I offered that I would accept a CRD without the extras or the the same colour that I ordered if they could find me one asap. Long story short I ended up accepting a stock laredo for 50k pick up a week later. I knew that taking the offer I had lost money compared to the initial deal but I needed a car and I didnt want to wait much longer...

To Be Continued....

volotage 01-12-2013 07:50 AM

Re: MY12 Jeep Experience afret 13000km

zzkazu 01-14-2013 02:20 AM

Re: MY12 Jeep Experience afret 13000km
volotage that dealer you talk about is luke warm at best - similar experiences overall , not surprising there is no competition in Canberra. Remember for your services to negotiate... get prices from NSW and ask them to match..

BTW Dont let them polish your Vehicle the 8 year old wouldn't know his hand from his foot.

volotage 01-14-2013 07:59 AM

Re: MY12 Jeep Experience afret 13000km
For some reason I thought I could edit posts (hence the reserved post) but for the life of me I cant figure out how to do it again!
zzkazu - have since move from ACT to North Queensland, much nicer weather but again, only one jeep dealer that im aware of.
So back to the saga...
Picking up & 1st 1000kms
The day finally arived and I couldnt get to the dealer soon enough! my new jeep was waiting for me in the show room ready to go. I had intended to take it for a quick drive before signing the pickup papers but was a bit exited and just wanted it to be mine. I did do a thoughough check of the vehicle and all seemed to be in order, but it wasnt until after I signed that I had excepted the car was I told that it didnt have the reverse camera fitted as they were on back order claiming that it would be in stock and installed at the 1000km service.
mildly annoyed but not too detered I took ownership and was on my way..
knowing that all jeeps look good with a bit of mud on them rationalised with the fact that I bought a 4wd to go offroad so I might as well do it - I took the jeep though some mud puddles and unfortunately got bogged. with only the rear tow hook it took a fair amount of stuffing around was finally out of the bog with what apeared to be only slight damage to the front bumper.. two days later (a sunday) I was driving a friend around showing him the jeep when I pulled into a car park and the wipers went off. Thinking it was the shade tricking the sensor I turned the car off and went on my way. When I came back to the car and turned it on - on came the wipers. I soon discovered that nothing on the stalk or the steering wheel was working including the indicators. Frustrated I called Jeep assist and was told that i was not in their system yet.. short discussion and was told someone would be out withing the hour. 2.5 hrs later a guy rocked up, disconnected the battery looked in the fuse box and conceaded defeat. I decided not to have him tow the jeep to the lot and then to the dealer the following day instead driving home in true canberian fasion, without indicating. Took the jeep in the next day and a few days later was told the clockspring was replaced and all good now. Didnt know at the time, but the multiple days at the service department was to become a common trend.
a week later I had clocked up the 1000km and had the complementary service, the reverse camera and the tint that was outstanding were all to be completed. Took the jeep in on opening and was told to pick it up at 4. at 3 I got a call saying no reverse camera and they would need to keep it another day for the tint. I had a loan car so didnt mind too much.
Next 10000km
Had my jeep pack and was racking up the kms with trips all over the place. Decided that I would I would get some rock rails and the underbody protection. Negotiated a good price though the dealer and had them install the rock rails and self install the underbody protection. Booked in with the dealer and kicked up a bit of a stink about the reverse camera which was still on order and one magically became available. Back to the dealer, same story, pick up at 4. mid afternoon get the call - wont be available till the next day..
Over the next few 1000kms a few niggling issues arose. The bumper popping out under the light, rattles coming from the springs/boot, buttons only working on the steering column intermittently, foot brake warning light coming on randomly, the random harmonic noise from the engine that others have experience, burns on the DRL reflectors and a tempermental aircon. So at the 10000km service decided I would have all these dramas looked at which took placed just the other day. Unfortunately (and fortunately) all this is at a new service centre so I dont know the familiar faces or who the people to talk to are. Got the jeep back on time service completed and the only issue sorted was the foot brake. (didnt bother them with the popping out trim or the DRLs). during the service they found an error with the oxygen sensor that they couldnt clear so my jeep is booked in next week to try and ID those other issues and replace those other sensors.
so, thats the story for now. My experience so far, jeep dealers need alot of work - most seem to be lacking any kind of customer service. The grand is a great car and 4wd (didnt mention but a few offroad trips in toyota country and some very suprised faces when it went everywhere the cruiser did) with some minor issues that can hopefully be resolved

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