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DannyVtCa 01-16-2013 03:07 PM

I passed emissions!
Recently moved to California and was worried that I wouldn't pass emissions here with my Crazy Jay cam, performance heads, and SRT8 exhaust manifolds-- which or notched so I still have my EGR system active.

I have been using my tune from Inertia motorsports for around 15,000 since my build.... but this tune sucks!!! I have had a constant p401 EGR low flow code being set and the p300 random misfire. The jeep has terrible idling, and when stopping it almost wants to stall.

So, just last week I cleared those damn codes, reinstalled the stock tune and she no longer sets the EGR code, but the random misfire continues.... but the p300 doesn't trigger the OBII light like it did with the inertia tune. I believe the random misfire is because of the lope in the cam. The jeep seems to be running better with the stock tune, so I'm confused why I paid Inertia a dime for their crappy tune.

It took awhile for the OBII system to reactivate after clearing the codes.... so if you think your going to clear your codes and drive around for 20 minutes and then get tested... your not. It took 10+ cold starts and at least 300 miles of varied driving before the OBII light didn't blink when I turned the key over.

Anyway, pulled into the place.... which didn't have a lift.... major plus since I didn't want them jacking it up and seeing my SRT8 manifolds. My Jeep was hot. The Indian guy just plugged my jeep in, let it idle, revved it up and down a few times, took the readings, and sent them to the DMV. My OBII light was off, and when I turned the key over three times I didn't have any codes, but my Diablo was reading the p300 code.

Anyway, long story short... my HC, CO2, O, and CO readings were all awesome. Only thing a little off was my carbon monoxide at idle was a bit higher than average, but way below the maximum. And my carbon monoxide at 2500 RPM was below the average... who knows?

Idle CO2--15.1 +++ o2--0 +++ HC mx--100 HC Ave--26 HC meas--0 +++ CO max-1 CO ave-0 CO meas--0.09
2500 CO2--15.5 ++++ o2-- 0 +++ HC max--180 HC ave--11 HC meas--0 +++ CO max--1.1 CO ave--0.1 CO meas--0

It is written on the sheet... thanks for keeping your vehicle well maintained... hahaha

An this is with Cats that have over 98,000 miles on them too. Crap, my Jeep is a low emissions vehicle... they should let me in the carpool lane!

jeepgcoman 01-16-2013 09:19 PM

Re: I passed emissions!
Congrats., Dan. I know when I lived in CA, the smog police were all a bunch of jerks. Don't know if it's still the same way. Glad you passed though. I've never had a problem with mine, but most the smog police up here are not too swift. I've never had any codes of any kind since my install. I also have about 15K on the cam/headers, etc. And, yes, it takes a fair amount of driving to get all the emission readiness indicators to set.

How are you liking it there? Still can't believe you went from VT to CA?? Have you adjusted to the cost of living yet?

FlyinRyan 01-20-2013 09:14 PM

Re: I passed emissions!
I can fix your tune if you are willing to switch to SCT...

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