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Palmetto 01-20-2013 01:23 PM

Lease Transfers with Ally - '12 Laredo X 4x4
Anyone gone through the process with Ally? We still love our WK2, but I'm considering putting it up on SwapALease or something similar because we simply don't need it (an SUV) anymore due to some recent changes. Just wondering how much of a headache it would be.

In case anyone is curious, it is a '12 Laredo X 4x4 (QT1) with the 3.6L. It has a little under 12,000 miles which means that there are approximately 23 months and 24,000 miles remaining on the lease. I put a fair amount of cash into it (was upside down on old car), but wouldn't be looking to recover any of that. Lease is $445 a month.

Particulars are: Laredo X, Garmin (430), Tow Pkg., QTI, gray on lt. gray leather... not sure what I'm forgetting off hand. Does not have sunroof at all.

A few pics -

nvfusa 01-20-2013 03:59 PM

Re: Lease Transfers with Ally
I did have my Jeep on for six months and during that period it only generated a lead from a guy asking why the monthly payment was so high when on the commercial they mentioned a much lower dollar value. I told the guy he was too stupid to get my Jeep and I did end up pulling off the ad. However, I was luckier with my wife's Beetle and we transferred it over in less than two weeks.

In my view, people who are willing to get your lease are not after the car of their dreams but rather after a good deal. They couldn't care less for extras as long as their monthly payment is low. That is why sometimes sellers put down a couple thousand dollars towards the lease to bring down monthly payments and getting an edge over similar vehicles. I suggest you do some research to see how much people are asking on average for Jeeps similar to yours.

As for Ally, when I was trying to swap my Jeep lease they were very helpful on the phone but ultimately it is the swap lease website that will do most of the work. Needless to say they charge you for everything they can and you end up paying like 700 or 800 bucks to get rid of your lease.
Good luck with your deal!

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