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HaulinHP 01-23-2013 11:22 PM

Towing Capacity Specs Question
I am seriously considering buying a 2014 JGC SRT. A key factor for me is the towing capacity. I know, I know, buy a truck, but I have my reasons and would much prefer the Jeep SRT, if it will pull what I need.

There are discrepancies between the official Owner Manual and the User Guide. The Owner Manual says that trailer Frontal Area is limited to 40 square feet. The User Guide says that it is limited to 55 square feet. That is a big difference. Which of the two is correct? 55 makes a lot more sense with a 7,200 pound rating. Additionally, the big boat that they have shown the SRT towing in the official pictures must have a frontal area very close to 55 square feet, possibly more.

A second question is, how much is the GCWR? I have not been able to find it listed, except 12,600 shown in the Owner Manual. However I suspect that is in error just like the 40 square feet. It looks like it was a copy and paste error from the 2013 v6 section. Using the formula, I think it should be 7200 (rated towing cap.) + 5150 (curb weight) + 300 (allowance for driver and passenger + 500 (max tongue weight) = 13,150. Alternatively it i get to a similar number by adding GVWR OF 6,500 + max towing capacity of 7,200 - max tongue weight (because this must already be considered in the 6,500) = 13,200. Is this correct?

Thank you!

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