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kujata 01-24-2013 06:51 PM

Power stays on after shut down
Hey guys, first time posting but I've been checking this place out since I got my 05 WK 4.7L - - - I'm having some occasional trouble with the electrical/power on my rig. There are a few things that I believe may contribute to this problem but I only know about as much as the next shmoe on the corner does about this.

Problem: When I shut my car down and remove the key all the power to the stereo, blower, windows, and lights stays on even when I open the door. And I'm also getting some dash warnings have the electrical break system checked? But it goes away after a few start ups and shut downs. The only way I can get it to shut off is if I use the remote starter button after it's on.

I've searched around on the net a bit and there were some people that experienced similar problems to different makes/models but theirs were resolved due to relays/switches in place for unneeded things (i.e. heated seat relay in when the car had no heated seats), and they also thought it might have to do with a faulty ignition switch.

I don't think my problem is relays or the ignition switch although I may be wrong.

I think it's the aftermarket remote starter.

A few weeks back the battery died out on me and I had to call AAA, he said the battery test showed that it was kicking out enough crank amps (i think) and to just charge it. But he said something was drawing power off the battery when everything was off.

But, it all went away and has been fine for a few weeks.

Could all my problems and headaches be related to that damn remote starter or am I just thinking way too into it? Could a new battery fix this?

It's also freezing in New England right now (0-10 degrees at nights and in the mornings) so it might have some affect on the battery but I don't really know

dr.lee.baugh 01-24-2013 07:51 PM

Re: Power stays on after shut down
I would certainly suspect the remote starter. They have to bypass the ignition lock to start the vehicle without the ignition being in the 'run' position.

The blower motor certainly shouldn't stay on even if the delay accessory is on (the thing that keeps power until you open the door). The blower should only be on when the ignition is is the run position...

Madanio24 01-25-2013 01:03 PM

Re: Power stays on after shut down
pull the fuse from the remote starter and see if that solves it. Mine is located under the steering column.

kujata 01-25-2013 02:49 PM

Re: Power stays on after shut down
I'm going to play with it after work. I believe the remote starter is an Automate AM6. I found the manual online and it kind of seems like a number of different options could have been set off to screw with the system.

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