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Tony Norton 01-25-2013 05:42 AM

Chrysler U.K. are crap!
Hi all,

Is it just Chrysler UK, or all Jeep stealerships the same?

In the course of trying to trace a wiring fault I removed the internal trim panel from the tailgate of my 2002 WJ 2.7CRD. Naturally, as always happens, a couple of the trim clips broke. Local accessory shops told me that these, if you want the exact part, are usually dealer specific. So I ring Meridien Majestic, Bournemouth UK, the local Chrysler UK dealer and describe, via chassis number and part location, exactly what I want. You would not believe their response: -

"We cannot supply just the clips. If the clips break when removing the panel from a customer's vehicle we would order, and fit, a complete new panel."

That is a verbatim quote.

I'm damned sure that nobody Stateside would stand for this idiocy. Are Chrysler US aware of what a load of tossers their UK counterparts are?:mad:

Please re-distribute this post anywhere you can think of where it may be seen by somebody who cares and can do something about it.

Tony Norton

BobT 01-25-2013 05:57 AM

Re: Chrysler U.K. are crap!
They are the same in Australia. I avoid the dealers where I can. Any time they do work one can guarantee there will be clips and screws missing and those that are replaced are an assortment of odds and sods in the bottom of their screws bucket. For this reason I get my own supply of fasteners from the States from Chrysler Clips And Fasteners . It's mostly impossible to get them locally and then only at exorbitant prices.

Martyp 02-01-2013 01:09 PM

Re: Chrysler U.K. are crap!
I actually purchased the clips you're talking about from the dealer around Summer last year (along with the ones for the door cards).

Same with every manufacturer, there are good and bad ones out there. Although there was a dealer in Edinburgh which was local to me they sucked, so I always used Perth - it was worth the extra distance!

BobT 02-02-2013 01:27 AM

Re: Chrysler U.K. are crap!
Our Perth is 4,000km away :)

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