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thekoy 01-25-2013 01:57 PM

Countermeasures in Draconian States
I've see threads on Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers devices, but few references the stealth installs. Figured this would be a good chance to start one.

Personally I live in the great state of VA where both Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers are illegal. You can buy as many handguns, silencers, and high caliber weapons that you can afford (for now), but you will get a ticket for Radar Detector. :confused:

So, for those of us that have been diagnosed with a overweight right foot or police-magnetitis b/c they are hating on our sweet rides in a draconian state, we have to hide our countermeasures. In my signature, both my RD and LJ are installed, can you spot them? :D

Laser Jammers:
For me, I went with Laser Interceptors. My Laser Interceptors are located right under my tow hooks. I actually installed the tow hooks to specifically hide the Laser Interceptor heads. Anyone that has researched Laser countermeasures will tell you that it is a sub-optimal location.

The ideal location would be in line with the headlights. That would put mine *in* the grill. I say IN because the Laser Jammers are optical, if there is anything in front of them, it reduces their effectiveness. I have 2 issues with that. First cutting the grill to put these in would stand out, and police in VA are trained to look there. Second, the Laser Interceptor heads won’t fit between the posts.

Now, on all the countermeasure websites they will say, it is better to cut into your car than get a ticket. Albeit true, I have not gotten a speeding ticket since their install a year ago. I also have been pulled over for a license plate cover (VA *facepalm*) and they never spotted the Laser Interceptors while standing and looking at the front of my Jeep.

If I had the time I would up upgrade to the Blinder HP-905. Smaller heads, easier updates, more frequent updates, and I would actually consider putting them in my grill.

Radar Detector:
Rule number one for a Radar Detector in VA, it must be shielded. In NoVA, where I live, every police car has a Radar Detector Detector. They can detect unshielded radar detectors and pull you over.

The shielded detectors that I have experience with are the Beltronics STi Magnum, Escort RedLine Radar Detector (what I run), and Beltronics STiR Plus. You pay for the shielding, they are all north of $450. They each have their pros and cons, but that is another topic. If there are others out there please share.

Stealth. Running a radar detector mid window, or up high with the cord dropping down is begging to get pulled over. I've been told that NoVA police are also trained to look for it right under the mirror from the front and from behind.

First step is planning the location. I used some tint from rvinyl for tail light over the dot matrix up by the mirror above the AS1. I used the rvinyl stuff because standard window tint won’t stick to dot matrix. Standard tint also contains metallic particles that can reduce the detectors range.

I used the mount that came with the Redline but removed the suction cups and replaced it with heavy duty, all weather, double sided mounting tape. I stuck it right on the tint and it is nearly invisible from the front. It is also high enough plus the Redline has a edge/lip to it so you can't see it from behind.

For wiring, I personally ran the cord through the headliner, down the passenger a-pillar, and into the side panel between the passenger doors above the glove box. From there I tapped the Pink-Wire w/Green stripe for power and grounded. I tapped here so I could setup a stealth switch in the center stack.

Stealth switches. They can go anywhere that is out of sight and are a must. I have great respect for Police Officers, their job sucks at times. The last thing anyone should EVER do is start frantically moving around in their vehicle after getting pulled over. This puts both you and the Officer in a bad position because they will notice and react with their training. Having a stealth switch allows you to cut power to the device and just take it on the chin if they see the device. Seriously, just sucking it up and taking the ticket is far better than screwing around and trying to hide stuff.

So, that is my setup. Please forgive the lack of pictures but I don't really need to advertise my setup in images for any police that have no life an look for setups like this.

Please share your thoughts and setups. I would think many could benefit from this.

PS - For those that say to just slow down, please move on. I didn't get a V8 to drive it like a School Bus. I am a very safe driver and have never harmed another individual with my driving habits. :thumbsup:

jd2012jgc 01-25-2013 07:39 PM

Re: Countermeasures in Draconian States
I've got the same dilemma trying to figure out where to install my LI's, although more for cosmetic reasons that you.. :) In the meantime, my LI's are still sitting in their box.

Tow hook location would be considered bad if you were driving a lower-to-the ground car. Since most leos will shoot for the licence plate with their lidar, your LI's will actually do a pretty good job. Only time the LI's would fail would be if the leo shot the for the far outside passenger or driver headlight.

Sti-R behind the plastic grill is another great option for a stealth install.

Aiyer 01-27-2013 11:31 PM

Re: Countermeasures in Draconian States
Maybe one can install "off-road lights" with your laser shifter/detectors inside it. No bulb inside, but hacked to hold the detector inside. From the outside, it may look like regular off-road lights, maybe a bit darkened, but cud have the detector inside.

Any idea why its use is banned in VA?


kennzz05 01-28-2013 12:55 AM

Re: Countermeasures in Draconian States
va has had a ban on them for as long as they have exsisted. also washington dc as well

suprised you didnt opt for the stealth remote radar detector as well

Ahujadaddy 01-29-2013 01:02 PM

Re: Countermeasures in Draconian States
nice thread OP. Im right here in you in NoVA and can relate to everything u posted. Have the original STI driver after being pulled over with a Escort X50 back in 2007.

Been keen on laser interceptor but never pulled the trigger... yet

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