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Black_Dog 01-27-2013 05:34 PM

Seat Swap - Questions / help please?
Afternoon Everyone,

Just picked up a used 06 Larado, and the first project I am looking at is a seat swap.
I've got power seats in mine, (cloth, no heat).

I found a killer deal on a set of 05 leather, with power, memory and heat.

Can I do it? Has anyone here swapped seats with other WK's

Is it a straight seat swap??? I read somewhere about having to flash the memory for this... really? If so, what does that mean and how do I do it?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

DannyVtCa 01-31-2013 03:35 PM

Re: Seat Swap - Questions / help please?
You won't have the electrical hooks ups needed bro. You can swap them but I don't see how you will get the heat or memory working. I swapped 2008 leather, heated, memory... Into my 2006 with the same setup. The electrical connections were different so I had to dissect the little computers under the seats and transplant them onto the new ones. If you do the passenger side it will mess up the weigh meter that turns the airbag on and off.

If I were you I would keep the same metal base mounts and electronics, just swap the leather bottom and back. You may be able to do this will the seat is in the car... But pulling it out is easy. You will have a couple connections for the heat that won't be used.

Black_Dog 01-31-2013 10:16 PM

Re: Seat Swap - Questions / help please?
Thanks for the feedback!

Quick clarification - are you suggesting that I use the lower and the upper seats them selves,
just the leather seat covers?


DannyVtCa 02-01-2013 07:20 PM

Re: Seat Swap - Questions / help please?
There is a heavy metal base mount with two bolts in the front and two bolts in the back that anchor the seat into the floor. the bottom cushion and seat back w/ headrest can be taken off this mount. Actually, you will probably have to pull the seat because you need to pop off the plastic pieces on the sides of the seats to get to the bolts to take the seat back and bottom cushion off. Once you have the seat out you will see the differences between he little computer under he seat and all the connections. You might be able to just pop the new seat in there and call it a day. Mine has power, heat, and memory so there were multiple connectors coming up out of the carpet. If you get lucky you may have an extra connector coming up out of the carpet for the heat/memory... But I doubt it because you probably don't have the buttons to activate either on the door or below the temp control.

DannyVtCa 02-02-2013 12:33 AM

Re: Seat Swap - Questions / help please?
To anyone else reading this thread, the seat electrical connections are completely different in the 2008 as compared to the 2006. The 2008 use a single fat connector that obviously controls the power, memory, and heat. My 2006 has multiple connectors, so the power, memory, and are separate. You can get around this problem if you find a good set seats from a different year, the electrical boxes and brains under your seat can be transplanted onto the new seat. It's a little tricky, took me longer than I thought it would, but can be done.

Wrenn 12-26-2016 08:09 PM

Re: Seat Swap - Questions / help please?
I'm going to be buying a 2017 Grand Cherokee Limited very soon, but I really like the Trailhawk perforated front seats. Does anyone think this would be a doable swap if I can find the seats? Could the in-seat ventilation be made to work?

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