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ACEofSRT 01-31-2013 04:16 PM

First time at the track with my WK2
So went to the track open day (test and tune) at YAS marina drag strip in Abu dhabi on the the 24th.
but I wasn't prepped at all, I didn't even know how much air I had in the tires and a little under half a tank full during my runs. the best run I had was 13.05, bit disappointed at first, Drove an hour and half to the track, cooled it down, but the temp was about 65 and 80% humid, not sure about the DA, but to give an idea of how wet the air was, it got so foggy that the track had to be closed early. I was the only WK2 owner there, and everybody was checking it out while I had the hood opened to cool it down which felt great :)
BUT, when I kept watching the other car's times, no one got a better time than me, well except for the CLSs,M5s and the GTRs and supra dragsters, apart from those, the second best which was a slightly tuned porsche cayenne turbo (as per owner's claim) made 13.1xx, I'm talking like six camaro SSs, supercharged Sierra truck, modded X5 twin turbo (not the M), mustangs GT 5.0, modded caprice SS, turbo Nissan patrol and lumina SS, there was a wk1 with exhaust and tune that only managed 13.66, so yea I didn't need to complain about anything. I have the slips with me but the prints are so bad they are almost not visible, I could try to post pics of them but it would be pointless, The guys with the modded supras and GTRs werent happy with their times either, it was just a bad day to go to the track.

Here are some vids, but they are not good quality I should warn.

In this run, my jeep just spun the tires like it was 2wd.

[ame=""]2012 jeep SRT8 drag racing - YouTube[/ame]

And from the inside

[ame=""]2012 jeep SRT8 drag racing (inboard video) - YouTube[/ame]

This is me next to a PP performance M5
[ame=""]2012 jeep SRT8 vs PP M5 - YouTube[/ame]

From inside
[ame=""]2012 jeep SRT8 vs PP M5 - YouTube[/ame]

And the top gear crew were right about BMW owners, those who follow it know what I'm talking about.

Here is my last run against the tuned porsche cayenne turbo, he kept complaining that he didn't load enough rpm for launch control, if you listen carefully, you will hear that my jeep didn't launch good, it lagged a bit till it reached 3000 rpm, I guess it's the heat soak.

[ame=""]2012 jeep SRT8 vs Porsche cayenne turbo - YouTube[/ame]

And this is one mustang driver I'm glad I didn't go next to lol, you can see me at the end of the video coming back. Found this clip on YouTube posted by someone else.
[ame=""]Mustang 5.0 (CRASH saved) - Yas Drag Race - YouTube[/ame]

That's my jeep breathing some air here

Getting a number, went nice with the plate number lol

And these are the track weather conditions

For those who don't know, my mods are a Johan tune (still being revised), carbon fiber bwoody CAI, a custom catback with x pipe using Borla S rear mufflers and a catch can. On much colder and dryer weather with low to negative DA, I would hit 4.1-8.0-12.6.
Also ran the EVIC timer while on track, it is ridiculously accurate.

Don't know if I would go tomorrow with better prep and also try out the tune file that I received today from Johan.

Thoughts and comment are always appreciated :)

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EviL 02-03-2013 12:41 AM

Re: First time at the track with my WK2
well, someone is gonna help me modify very soon.
nice run bro

HYTEK 02-03-2013 10:01 AM

Good looking srt! Humidity can be a real bummer at the track for sure. With more ideal track conditions and better traction I would bet you'd pull at a second or better faster. Just an observation, but are you driving around the water box or through it? Your tires spun in that video like they were wet. Any time on street tires always drive around it and then clean the tires. Looking forward to your updated times as you get the tune dialed in.

Scottina06 02-03-2013 03:23 PM

Re: First time at the track with my WK2
you had to have hit the water box

ACEofSRT 02-03-2013 05:20 PM

Yea I went through in the first run, but then kept going around and would hit the gas to get rid of any water on the tires.

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